And Another Thing: What Would Jesus Do? (in ECW) 

Posted by Hyatte on 01.02.2001 

Found on the desk of Paul Heyman 

Found on the desk of Paul Heyman 


Tending the Sheep LTD 

J.H. Christ & Apostolates 


000 Pearly Gate Way 

Everywhere/Nowhere In your Faith 


Phone: the Hail Mary Prayer 

Home Phone: The Lord's Prayer 

Email: the 



January 02, 2001 

P. Heyman 

1767 Gladden Street 

Philadelphia, PA. 05678 


Last time I tried doing free miracles, I was nailed to a Cross! 

You can’t afford me, you bald bitch. 





Well, no big shocker there. 

I'm taking a week off, so pffffth 

Check out Bob Barnett with Greg Dillard and myself on The Edge on Wednesday. He's got a LOT of stuff to say. 

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