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Posted By Hyatte on 05.18.01

Oh, I'll just let you enter and see for yourself. 

Oh man, I'm beat. This will be quick.


Yeah, it was on. 411's new writer, Ben Morse recapped it here. 

Oh, and UPN will keep it at 2 hours next Fall.


Mick Foley held a big press conference to discuss his book (which debuted at number 1 on the NY Times Bestseller List, by the way) Foley Is Good. All the big sites covered it, but The Torch has the most detailed recap. How wiped am I? I can't even muster the energy to give up some select cuts.

To be fair, Scherer has posted an excellent recap of it too. 


Yesterday, I covered two big 1Wrestling stories. The one where Heyman's writing influence is actually the one bright spot in the WWF lately, and the one where McMahon is sniffing around USA network to see if they'll take Raw back. Remember those two? 

Well, RF Video confirmed both stories and said 1Bob was right on the money. 

Why am I reporting this? I have no earthly idea.


Linda McMahon told a local TV show in Bloomberg that WCW will be relaunched within two or three weeks. Meltzer is speculating that she may mean having a roster of talent and a front office ready to go. All the big reporters will no doubt be burning the phone lines trying to get details. As soon as they do all the work, losers like me will steal the info and report it.

By the way, no wrestling site bothered to report where Bloomberg actually was. I don't know either, so don't ask.

Don't tell me either! I doubt I'll really need this info to get along in life.


From "International Sources" (and A1 Wrestling:

"The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) programs may have built up an almost cult following around the world, but according to the Singapore Broadcasting Authority, they put out the wrong message. 

There was public concern about the "negative values" of WWF, the authority said, in an order to City TV, which screens WWF on weekend evenings, to reschedule it outside family viewing hours of 6:00am to 10:00pm. 

Some adults regard wrestling as shown in WWF programs to be fake or choreographed violence and view it as entertainment. Others, especially parents, are concerned about the adverse impact such programs may have on young audiences, the broadcasting authority said in a statement. 

There is also concern about the negative values being conveyed through ... the wrestlers' behavior towards women which is often demeaning, and their use of crude language. 

It said it consulted with five program advisory groups who agreed WWF was popular with children with some wrestlers viewed as 'heroic' figures. 

Any negative values of the series could therefore impact on children, especially the younger ones, who cannot distinguish between choreographed violence and real violence. 

Although there have been no reports of playground deaths, as in the United States, recent letters in Singapore newspapers have referred to children being injured in attempts to mimic moves by WWF wrestlers. 

My son was the unfortunate victim of the so-called fake World Wrestling Federation 'Choke Slam' executed by a much bigger boy on him. The bruises and lumps sustained on his head were far from fake, wrote Wee Bee Leng. 

Commie bastards.

Isn't this the same country that encourages public caning?

Plus, they eat dogs. DOGS!!!

I guess the WWF can scrap those plans to hold Wrestlemania 18 in Hong Kong.

Man, where's Mr. Fuji when you need him?

“Wee Bee”.... HAW!


Quiet day here at 411. Even studs like me need time to reload, you know?

There's the Smackdown Recap. 

There's also always the Newsboard that delivers rapid fire news every single minute of every single day. 


I can't get enough of the Honky Tonk Man, man.

On the Ultimate Warrior:

Someone asked about the Warrior. How it was with him. I could only tell them what Hercules told me when I asked him the same question. He told me, "you dread getting up in the morning." Of course I asked, why's that? Herc then said, "because you know what you have to face that night." Brother the Warrior was a crowbar. Stiff is not the word for it.

On Roddy Piper:

I am more than a little pissed. It's more than just an ass whipping now. I want to beat the living hell out of this no good, SOB, Roddy Piper. Maybe Ken (Patera) will kick his ass too. He has fu**ed with the wrong marine.

For the full story here, go to Honky's site. 

I think we'll ALL agree... I put in some major work this week. I paid my dues.

Widro, or someone, will do a weekend thing, then I'll be back Sunday night with lots of news, some Torch Newsletter stuff, and the (rapidly becoming WIDELY popular) Message Board deal. 

I'm toast.

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