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Posted By Hyatte on 05.30.01

Harts, Big Sexy, Busted Sexay, Piper, Rikishi, and moi 


Actually, there isn't a whole hell of a lot of news to cover. That friggin' Brian (Christopher) Lawler story was posted two minutes after I posted the news last night. Dammit.

Okay then.... 


As most of you have known for the last 24 hours now, Brian "Grandmaster Sexay Christopher" Lawler has been arrested by Canadian Police AND fired by the WWF for bringing "illegal drugs" into the country. Actually, he's just in for possession, but I suppose there is a traffic charge available.

I really have nothing to add here. Other than someone else (I forget who) reported that The WWF has made clear the dangers of bringing drugs into other countries. The underlining hint was, "cop there, don't bring the stash with you".

Jeeze, most companies actually frown on any drug use at all?

I want to know how Sexay was caught? I understand he flew in on a plane. Did he do something that told the airline that he was carrying? Did he do a line of blow right on his dinner tray? Why him?

The sad part is, if the Canadian police decided to check all the wrestlers for drugs, one doubts there would be enough stars left to even have a show. 


While everyone else is ticked off about Vince McMahon... 

The Stampede Newsletter just landed in my mailbox. They say that after the show last night, the entire hart clan in attendance went backstage and met with cast and crew, including Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Shane McMahon. Jim Ross, Chris Benoit, and Sean Waltman also chatted with them. Everyone posed for pictures, which will be posted on the Stampede site. 

They acknowledged that Bret Hart and Martha Hart are still resistant to this, but Stu and Bruce both recognize the need to "bury the hatchet". 

From the report, it looks that while everyone else is in a tizzy over the re-enactment of the "Montreal Screwjob" in front of the Harts, they aren't.

Hell, I dedicated a whole And Another Thing on the topic.

To check out those pictures, go to the Stampede Wrestling site.


Scherer says that yes, that was the Undertaker's real wife. Lucky bastard. She is a hottie.

Meanwhile, no one knows just who Mrs. Undertaker's "stalker" really is (I'm thinking Raven), but RF Video promises us that if they find out, they will not ruin it before the WWF does.... unless, of course, another site ruins the surprise first. Then all bets are off.

What a whacky world this Internet is.


The same law firm that is suing WCW for racial discrimination has now been hired by Roderick George Toombs to sue WCW for unfair termination.

Roddy Piper says that WCW fired him for being "incapacitated" due to an injury and unable to perform. Piper says his injury had already healed and they just fired him to save some money on his contract and help them merge with AOL.

Piper said, "It really hurts me that they'd talk to me like an injured dog and shoot me behind the barn. I gave my heart and soul (to wrestling)." he also admitted to not being able to spell "incapacitated".

Piper joined WCW in 1999 for three years and 18 PPV's. Early into his contract, he ruptured his left bicep tendon. He worked through the pain for a while, then had surgery for the injury at the end of 1999. He showed up in February 2000 for one more WCW "event" (their words, not mine.... by 2000, the term "event" had no business being applied to anything WCW). Then WCW took him off the booking sheets for the future. They fired him soon after.

WCW says that they wanted an "in-house" Doctor to give Piper a full checkup before booking him anymore. (possibly to find out whatever happened to Piper's charisma). They say Piper refused to take the physical and was canned for it.

Piper, of course, says he was willing to take the check-up, but wanted to know why they anted a full medical one. He said WCW never answered him and just went ahead and fired him. Piper suspects that the WCW doctor would going to declare him "unfit" for action anyway.

With the WWF now owning WCW, and with the WWF picking up only some of the WCW contracts, AND with the WWF saying that they are only interested in Wow’s "youth"... well, Piper knew he had little chance of coming back.

Other than that, the WWF had no comment on this. Piper's Attorney is still thinking about including them in on the suit.

1bob reported it, but you still can check out the whole story.


The Torch Newsletter reports that Rikishi's shoulder is more hurt than anyone is letting on. It's the same type of injury that knocked Billy Gunn out of action for half a year. All three of his fans are in for a looooong wait before he comes back.


Instead of doing this on his own website, Kevin Nash went to 1 Wrestling to "fire back" at comments made by the Honky Tonk Man.

Here is what Honky said: Kevin Nash - "Don't know him that well. He pulled a fast one on me one time at an autograph session. That is another story. Don't know how he got so powerful or was able to get the money he got out of Bischoff. If I remember correctly, he was one of the lowest drawing WWF champions of all time. Did not see what him or Hall brought to the table in WCW other than bankruptcy."

And, here is Nash's response: "I don't know Wayne Ferris very well, but I always considered him a class act because he came to a benefit show I was a part of without being asked...but it turns out he's just another old timer who didn't save his money and he's disgruntled at the young guys. 

Here's a guy who was the top heel in the business, or so he says, but he seems pretty disgruntled. Seems maybe he wasn't a top heel at all or maybe he didn't make all the money he says he made. Then again, I'm sure he has a single-wide in Arizona he's proud of. 

When I beat Bill Goldberg for the belt at Starrcade I wasn't booking, and didn't start booking until 38 days after that match. I beat Bill and then handed the belt over to Hulk. That was the angle. 

He's all over Jeff Jarrett for supposedly stealing his gimmick, but here he was doing a bogus Elvis gimmick to begin with. Everybody steals from everybody. It's like honor among thieves. I'm sure somebody somewhere was the first one to do a headlock, but that guy probably didn't go around accusing everybody of stealing his move.

He's talking about bitch slapping this guy and that guy...he needs to just keep his mouth shut. We're real sorry that the indy shows are full of young guys making $500 taking his job, but I'm sure the Chevron on the corner is hiring. Of course he may have to trim his sideburns.

People like him under the kind of stress he seems to be under usually go postal and go to high buildings and start firing a few rounds. He needs therapy and I'm sure a lot of people who made a lot of money in this business would be willing to help him. Just not me, and probably not Flair or Jarrett either.

He refused to do a job and it cost him his career. He's a mark. I never had a problem doing a job. I did one for Rey Mysterio. I know it's fake, Wayne. I hate to tell you, but it's fake. You never had any heat. The only heat you had was turn the channel heat.

A "single wide in Arizona".... man, that's cold.

But to be fair, a LOT of people accuses Nash of booking himself a title victory over Goldberg. The Torch seems to make this point loud and clear every other week.

Think there will be a response to this? Think Fred Durst has had a couple of four ways?


Ron Gamble ponders the Harts, answers letters, and posts reader responses in his . I think he also calls Widro a "friggin' idiot".... but I might be reading between the lines here. World According To Ron

I had a solid AAT all mapped out in my head, but then I decided to do something about the Harts in Calgary, so I did that instead. It's good. Usually, stuff I do on "inspiration" turns out to be better than anything else I do. read it, then think about what happened at the end of last night's show.

I'm sorry, but I am going to post another Mop-Up Flashback column. I simply have a very busy schedule this week and can't get to it. Besides, too many people have told me that the recaps suck. So why bother? 

Yes, I know how needy that sounds.

Finally, it's too early for a response to Nash, but that doesn't mean he can't get philosophical....


Road Dogg your ass better call somebody !!! Road Dogg goes to jail in S.C, after an altercation with Police over taking polaroids with fans. The one thing that will upset a wrestler the most is, messing with his "rat" or his picture money. Dogg is on a highway to hell.

Grandmaster Sexay "Brian Lawler" was being held in a Canadian Border crossing jail. Lawler was arrested while trying to enter Canada on Monday. He has been charged with drug possession and was immediately fired by the WWF. Serious charges here folks, his career is over.

How about this one for all you "numb nutted" Piper sympathizers. That punk has filed a lawsuit in Atlanta against the WCW for not paying him. From what you silly bastards wrote me, you think it is the right thing that Piper doesn't pay Ken Patera. Well, do you think WCW owes this assh--e any money--he didn't work the shows. Let me hear your Bullsh-t now. Bring it on!! 

Indeed.... bring it ON!!

Go have fun looking around Honky's own site. At least he updates every day.... Nash can't say the same.

I have to go post Mop-Ups. Maybe, just for irony's sake.... I'll post a VERY old one from the Monday after Bret was screwed.

This is Hyatte