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Posted By Hyatte on 06.07.01

Microsoft, Hyatte's pee pee, Bischoff and his Wife, Page, Bob Ryder, and a red hot Honky Tonk Man 

Well, my friends at Microsoft are busy upgrading or re-tooling or re-something with their access lines up and down the eastern seaboard, so as I write this, I can't get online. This may be the first part of another big "Double Shot O' News" like I did last week. I'll keep trying.

Man. this Laker/Sixer championship match-up is going to be great.... unless, of course, Kobe Bryant wakes up.

I may as well put together what I have so far.... Meltzer and Keller are in full "Buy The Newsletter" mode, so they ain't putting up anything interesting. I DO have two stories that NO ONE has reported yet.


Well, it looks as if I won't have to auction off my pecker to Ebay. According to the New York Daily News, not only has NFL Running Back Terrell Davis been up to no good in the backrooms of the Gold Club, but so has "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash"

Ex-Gold Club manager Thomas (Ziggy) Sicignano testified that Gold Club Owner, Steve Kaplan paid his strippers money to have sex with these athletes, but he insists that he never witnessed or even heard about Kaplan paying the strippers to service Kevin Nash specifically. This might have been a freebee. Doubtful, but possible.

Don't you EVER tell me I don't know my sheeit. I KNEW Nash was a playa.

Truth be known, it would not surprise me if EVERY WCW employee got a little action in that place.

In fact, there is ANOTHER (former) WCW name thrown in this, but I'll let our friend the Honky Tonk Man spill the beans at the bottom of this news column.

Hey, the full article is Here


Well, just when you thought Eric Bischoff was a dweeb.... well, he is, but.... this is sick. 

In Atlanta, there is a talk show called The Neil Boortz Show that has been covering the Gold Club trial. According the show's reporter who is at the trial, it was announced on-air that not only did Eric Bischoff get a little mouthy mouth action in the Club.... but....

His WIFE was with him!

Apparently, the Bischoffs are a really "swinging" couple.... with Mrs. B enjoying to watch, and participate.

Later on in the show, a woman who claimed to be a "Former WCW Wrestler" called the Boortz show and said that yes, Eric cheats.... but no, not behind his Wife's back.

Man.... I LOVE this. That sick, sick bastard.

I refuse to stop my quest for the truth until I learn just which WCW Wrestler got Mrs. Bischoff's BOOTY!!!!! WHO GOT THE ANAL ACTION?????

Folks.... this might be the greatest non-wrestling wrestling story we've ever seen.


Scherer reports that "Diamond" Dallas Page is presently in Stamford at WWFE Headquarters. He's probably getting his face noticed and seeing how a real company is run before he accepts the AOL buyout and joins WCW full time. You all know the story.... Page's best years are behind him and he knows that he only has a few years left in the business.... at least as a performer, so he wants to get things going quickly.

Word is that Vince McMahon was left speechless after Page called himself the "Stone Cold Steve Austin of WCW", then he had Page forcibly removed off the premises.


From Bret Hart's Official Site Webmaster:

Bret Hart is not medically cleared to wrestle and he has no intention of ever returning to wrestling again. 

I've read people defending Bob Ryder for reporting Hart had agreed to return to the WWFE. I've read everything from, "Ryder wouldn't have reported it without it being legit..". Well, either Ryder's sources totally suck (and they have for quite some time). Or he was using it to make some cash. 

I don't put it above to post controversial issues, to make some cash off its readers. They did it with the Van Dam war and Nash/HTM mini message war. Every message that is read they make some more money off of. Did the Ryder story damage his credibility? Probably not, because he is being defended. Did it make him a whole lot of cash? Times .08 cents per the daily hits they get, and it is a considerable amount of change to make by reporting something really controversial such as Bret Hart signs with the WWFE. Who wouldn't be prone to HIT that message? Even fans that DISLIKE HART would be real eager to read what is going on. 

People can be clouded all they want, but mark my words, Ryder is in it for the money folks. He won't stop, and the stories suffer, and become tabloid journalism designed not to be correct and factual, but to simply make him more money.


Wouldn't it be funny if Bret Hart DID show up on Raw next week? OH, Bob'll have a FIELD day.

If Ryder announces next week that the WWF just signed Yokozuna, then we'll all know the truth, the man snapped.

Look, all signs say that he was wrong here, but I doubt he did it on purpose.


Josh Nason talks about the Rhyno/Tazz match on Raw and how it really was a sad reminder of the company known as ECW and how no one seemed to notice. That's in his latest Fight Club

411 has completed and posted a detailed profile on The Edge.... yes, because the history of the great Internet radio program that I co-hosted for a couple of editions NEEDS to be told!!

Oh... no... it's actually about Edge the Wrestler sorry.... my bad

Finally, 411 has a new official Rankings up. Go see where Lance Storm rates and tell him.... we can use some press too.

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First up, HTM rags on ANOTHER WCW wrestler named in this Gold Club trial....

Macho Man Savage was mentioned in the same sex scandal as the little Bitch Bishoff. This comes from ESPN News Service dated 12/07/99. It doesn't mention what type of sexual activity the Nacho Man might have engaged in. Can you imagine if they had caught his brother Leaping Lanny on tape doing "his thing." Holy Bat Sh** was a site to see. Other big names are popping up too. Developing story.

And.... of course.... his thoughts on Jerry Lawler:

The Queen was crying again. I read another post he has made. This time he is crying about everything. He even goes so far to say he didn't have any idea his son "Grand Master Sexay" was on any kind of drugs. I guess you gain 30 lbs. of muscle by eating tofu. Stop babyfacing to the public, step up to the plate for once, take responsibility for what you have created. Third time is the charm, does that mean for wives also? Whatever happened to the other two Queenie?

Finally, at 8 in the AM, MSN is back online. 7 hours after I finished this.... 7 hours of me sitting at my computer.... clicking the connect button over and over..... by the minute.... waiting... WAITING for it to bring me back. For 7 hours I sat here..... trying to get this news in your hot little hands..... 7 hours..... nonstop.

Well, 6 hours and one JUMBO nap. 

This is Hyatte