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Raw, Bam Bam, Heyman, Who are the Creditors?, $$$$, Ryder, Honky's back, and Ring Rats 


Oh man, have I got some stuff for YOU tonight. Great stuff. Stuff NO ONE ELSE HAS... (sort of... everything is stolen, obviously).

Nah, you're going to love this. Tonight marks part 1 of a STAGGERING 5 part series on Ring Rats. I found this on a site I know almost NO ONE has heard of. It's a great site. After part 5, I'll plug the ever-loving crap out of the site so you can see what I mean, and check out the accompanying pictures... but that's AFTER I run the 5 parts (no sense in letting you read AHEAD of me... then you'll have NO reason to come here.

That's at the bottom. So, let's get into it.


Okay, the Freddie Blassie "inspiration" speech was cheesy... and contrived as Hell...

BUT, last night's Raw was a rare one. It told an actual story from beginning to end. Austin was the focus point, the main plot as it were. His Hamlet-like tale of self-contemplation and ultimate decisions would've been panned were it a "regular" TV show or a novel, but for pro wrestling, it was a well told tale indeed. I'm not too crazy about the WCW/ECW line-up for the Invasion main event (The Dudleys?), but Austin getting all badass again definitely sold the show on me.

Kurt Angle emerged a major player for the first time ever. Finally, he is starting to look like he BELONGS in the main event echelon. The coolest moment of the night went without comment by Jim Ross and Michael Cole, when the Undertaker extended a hand and helped Angle up to his feet, then sportily rubbed his head. That's respect of the highest order. THAT made me mark out.

The speeches were cool, it showed that momentum was on the WCW/ECW side... everyone jacked.... everyone excited. 

Finally, HUGE props to Jim Ross and Michael Cole. Ross especially called his best damn show in a looong time. Both men were inspired. Great job. They sold their asses off, but didn't let the hype interfere with the match.... something Tony Schiavone never quite got the hang of. Ross is always at his best when he has a good story to work with, and whether you like it or not, WCW/ECW is the best WWF story we've seen in the last couple of years. They are doing OUTSTANDING with the stars they have to work with. F-You if you don't agree... you're retarded. AND you're not a fan.

Stephanie telling Blassie that he'll soon die.... that's harsh.


Speaking of which, 1bob reports that Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy has passed on. 

The Honky Tonk Man added that Gordy was found dead in his home. It's too early to know any details yet.

Gordy was one of the three original Freebirds, and many say he was the most talented. Bill Watts took a shot on him and crowned him the very first UWF Heavyweight champion, which was Gordy's very first solo push as a big star. He worked all over the place, both alone and with the Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts). He was also a favorite in Japan.

Gordy had some sort of accident a few years ago which caused some brain damage (Mick Foley briefly talked about it in his first book), he never fully recovered.

Gordy's last semi-big run in the USA was as the Executioner. He feuded with the Undertaker briefly as part of Paul Bearer's Mankind/Kane war with the UT in 1996. I was not on the Net at the time, but I recognized Gordy under the mask just by the way he threw punches... raising his left hand in the air before swinging with his right. 

The way I look at it... brain damage of any sort sucks (DUHH!!)... so it's good that he's off to a better place (unless he was a prick... then it's off to Hell!). 

Think Gordy is in Wrestling Heaven right now, looking at all the Von Erichs and saying, "Aw crap, I gotta work a handicapped match?... Can't you just wait until P.S. gets in a car wreck or something? Come on guys, this ain't fair!"


Or something like that... this story has many parts... some of which you may not know about... so follow along.

You all know that ECW's likeness and various trademarks/copyrights are being used by the WWF.... which many ECW Creditors (those who invested money in ECW after it filed for bankruptcy) do not like (the most vocal being Bob Ryder).

Well, to begin with, all sites (but I'm using The Observer) are reporting that Paul Heyman has been ordered to turn over ECW's company books and records by the ECW Trustee. They have given Heyman a July 30th deadline to comply, but really have been after him for the books since late last month.

Man, this just keeps getting more and more fascinating... a reader with inside access to this situation sent me this VERY INTERESTING e-mail

Check this out...

Hi Chris, I'm a paralegal for a major law firm working in the bankruptcy division so I have access to court documents concerning bankruptcy cases. I checked the docket today for the HHG (ECW) case, and there is no order from the court (at least one that was filed electronically) directing the WWF to do anything. The last document filed was a July 13 order directing Paul Heyman to appear at a creditors' meeting. 

In addition, even though the WWF does not own ECW, according to, they are one of its creditors (in the amount of $587,500). Only Acclaim is a creditor for a higher amount at approximately $1 million. I don't claim any expertise at all on these matters, but it will be very interesting to see how this progresses

Name withheld by me, I don't want to get him in possible trouble.

How about THAT?? 

And if there are no orders for the WWF to cease and desist.... then what is 1Wrestling screaming about? I would expect that in THIS day and age, ALL court orders are filed electronically! 

I read the above gerweck article myself. It's so damn interesting that I thought I'd post it in full. It's a few months old, but at least you'll see just who ECW's creditors are.... and how much money Heyman actually HAD at the time.

To the shock of wrestling fans, ECW dirty laundry is finally being aired through documents released by the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court. ECW President, Paul Heyman, voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 protection under the U.S. bankruptcy laws on April 4th through the parent company of Extreme Championship Wrestling -- HHG Corporation -- thereby dissolving the notoriously hardcore wrestling promotion.

Heyman was represented in court by Joseph Capobianco of the Reisman, Peirez and Reisman law firm from Garden City, New York. Judge Adlai S. Hardin Jr. is presiding over the case. Lawyers representing the World Wrestling Federation, a creditor in the case, were also on hand. Tommy Dreamer, who helped run ECW and The Ford Credit Company are listed as "co-debtors".

The documents obtained by SLAM! Wrestling detail an expansive list of people, companies and government bodies ECW (Heyman and HHG) owes millions upon millions of dollars to. In total, Heyman through HHG Corp. has $8,881,435.17 in unpaid bills (all figures U.S. dollars). Heyman claims to only have $1,385,500 in assets. Heyman's assets include $2,000 in a personal bank account, ECW's video tape library (valued at $500,000), unsold ECW merchandise totaling $4,000, a 1998 Ford F 800 Truck worth $19,500 (Heyman still owes $14.455.14 on it) and forthcoming payments from In Demand, Acclaim and The Original San Francisco Toymakers that total $860,000.

Some of the creditors holding the largest unsecured claims are Annodeus Incorporated -- a subsidiary of Acclaim Entertainment ($1 million), The World Wrestling Federation ($587,500), Farm Club Online Inc. ($300,000), The Original San Francisco Toymakers ($250,000), MSG Network Inc. -- America's largest regional sports network ($244,000), American Cable Productions Inc. ($243,000), In Demand L.L.C. -- an American pay-per-view network ($150,000), wrestler Rob Van Dam ($150,000), wrestler Tommy Dreamer ($100,000), Stonecutter Productions (owned by former ECW lawyer Steve Karel - $75,000) and Karel himself, $50,000.

The filing reveals that the I.R.S. claims that Heyman hasn't paid his taxes either. Also, $30,000 is still owed to the New York State Department Of Taxation and Finance for taxes on ECW wrestling events and The State Of Connecticut is making the same "withholding taxes" charge stating that Heyman should pay them $4,000. Heyman and his lawyer are disputing these claims. 

Noted in the enormous list of creditors comprised of cable companies, travel agencies, media corporations (including TNN), advertising agencies, hospitals, insurance companies, financial institutions, courier companies, universities and plaintiffs with personal injury suits against ECW are these former ECW wrestlers, managers and announcers: 

Bill Alphonso: $5,000, C.W. Anderson: $500, Angel (Baldies): $500, Scotty Anton: Unknown amount, Steve Corino: None, Justin Credible: $7,990, Lou E. Dangerously: $7,000, Juilo Deniro: $300, Devito (Baldies): $500, Simon Diamond: $9,000, Danny Doring: $2,100, Shane Douglas: $48,000, Spike Dudley: Unknown amount, Francine: $47,275, Chris Hamrick: $300, Don Callis: $12,000, Little Guido: $25,000, Jazz: $1000, Jerry Lynn: Unknown amount, Balls Mahoney: $4,000, Tony Mamaluke: $600, Dawn Marie: $9,000, Thomas Marquez: $500, James Mitchell (Sinister Minister): Unknown, EZ Money: $300, New Jack: Unknown amount, Nova: $4,000, Roadkill: $21,250, Rh(i)yno: $50,000, Sabu: None, The Sandman: Unknown amount, Johnny Swinger: Unknown amount, Joey Styles: $50,480, Super Crazy: $5,000, Tajiri: $5,000, Rob Van Dam: $150,000, Jack Victory: $3,000, Mikey Whipwreck: $12,000, Chilly Willy: $500.

Other names and companies known to wrestling fans: 

Victor Quinones (Puerto Rico promoter): $12,000.00, World Wrestling Federation Entertainment: $587,500.00, Erich Kulas (the wrestler bloodied by New Jack that went to court, listed as 'Alleged pesonal injuries': unknown, J-Mar Championship Belts: unknown
Serving as its President, Secretary and Director, Paul Heyman owned 85 per cent of ECW while Annodeus Incorporated (a subsidiary of Acclaim Entertainment) held 15 per cent. Last year, ECW was forced off television by the World Wrestling Federation when they moved to The National Network (TNN). Overwhelmed by debt, ECW cancelled its house shows and its final pay-per-view. Some ECW talent have since joined Heyman in the World Wrestling Federation while others have signed on with the WWF-owned World Championship Wrestling. 

Quite a list. 

Ah, and Gabe from RF Video admits to being a creditor too... to the tune of $1400 big ones. And he REALLY needs the money.


Now, I wasn't going to go here... I was going to avoid this link, but as a companion piece to this curious little story, my boys at a1wrestling invite you to read this from It's an article questioning just how deeply involved in this story Mr. Ryder is.

I am on no one's side here. If Ryder and his fellow creditors have a case, then they should get paid. I am merely presenting something that I feel may interest you.


More controversy and mystery....

Hey Hyatte... you heard it here first.....

The balls (pool) that Austin left on the table tonight were 9,7,11,15,4,6...



Joey Styles's ISP

He owns

Which redirects to 

6 degrees of "Ryder Fakin" 

you heard it here first, 

Dear God... HE'S RIGHT!!!!

And... for a while. ECWwrestling did NOT go to 1wrestling...
now it DOES again!!! 


Scherer says that the WWF is just about to cut away some of it's talent... and a generous cut it will be. They'll be meeting later this week to decide who goes. 

It'll be mostly curtain jerkers and Jakked guys, so don't expect to be too shocked.

No, X-Pac isn't getting the axe... you douche nozzles.


Not a bad line-up. For starters, PK recapped RAW in traditional 411 fashion.... quickly and with little bullsh*t. Perfect for those getting laid and missing the show.

The World According to Ron is Ron Gamble's opus. This week, Ron has opinions on Invasion and everything that goes with it. He also dares YOU, John Q Mark-Boy, to answer some continuity questions he has. The best answer gets a 411 NoPrize.... and Widro will call your house and tell you about his sex life.

Finally, Tom Daniels does the best Cheap Heat I've ever read. It's about "Pet Wrestlers"... a listing of some of Wrestling's best/worst gimmicks. I thoroughly enjoyed the article. Give it a shot.

It's been a while, so let's check in with the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time...


from his website, the Honky Tonk Man returns with another shot at The King:

Seems the old, "55" years old that is, King has humbled his ass down and begged to come back to the WWF. This time he wants to leave Miss Kitty out in the cold. He says he had dam near came to tears in a conversation with J.R. where he was begging to take him back. It had to be hard to say "I will leave the Kat at home." But as it has turned out the WWF says they have no need or plans for the old boy. Lawler says there is "closure" now. A word he says he hates. What about closure for all the guys you screwed for 30 years there in Memphis? He didn't hate the word so much when he has the knife in someone's back. Bye, Bye, Kingski your out of here. And It came from J.R himself, "we don't have anything for you king." And on a side note, "when the kings away, the Kat will play."

You know, this is not the first time I've heard that rumor.... something about Triple H being "propositioned", or something....

Anyway, HTM also had THIS to say...

Promoters from the fan fest in Chicago are hot at HTM because I said their event was canceled. They felt like I was bashing them for saying it was canceled. They said I was wrong, it was not canceled, it was postponed. What a great word to use in place of CANCELED.

The man abhors bullsh*t.

Okay.... the moment you've been waiting for.... here we go. First in a Five part series...


For those who may not know... a "ring rat" is a wrestling term for a wrestling groupie, one who trolls various places where wrestlers are known to hang out at before or after the show in hopes of sleeping with them. Many wrestlers have rats in each town, girlfriends they see whenever the company runs a show in town for some sex and probably a hot meal/warm body. 

Chapter 1: Identifying a Ring Rat

This chapter illustrates the various types of Ring Rats. Hopefully you will find this useful, as you may encounter several of these rats at an arena show or in a hotel lobby.

Gothic Rats

This breed of rodent is very easy to determine. These rats usually dress in all black and have glow in the dark pale skin.

Be aware, if you come in contact with a Goth Rat, be prepared to hear about just how damn cool Raven is. They also write depressing poetry, and will recite it to you if you stick around long enough. Gothic Rats have spooky names like "Hellflame" or "Darkwolf"

Fat Rats

This type of rat is the most popular of the breed. Obviously by just looking at the physique of these pigs, is a dead give away. Fat Rats are often seen in Hardy Boyz t-shirts that are a little too tight around the rib area, and the shirts themselves are the cheap rip off WWF tees you see in the mall for $12.

If you come in contact with a Fat Rat, you will be shocked as they actually think they have a chance of sleeping with their favorite wrestler.

Pack Rats

There's always a party when these diseased whore mongers are around!

Pack Rats usually travel in groups of four. They can be heard giggling and screaming things like "whoo!" or "you go girlfriend!" across the hotel lobby.

Most pack rats consist of these types:

A) The butt ass ugly Rat

B) The old enough to date your father Rat

C) The fat chick showing way too much cleavage Rat and...

D) The way too young to even be thinking about sex Rat

Pack Rats are in a class of their own, and will not acknowledge you unless you are a wrestler. 

Drunken Rats

If there is alcohol, there are Drunken rats nearby. Their breath smells worse than rancid tuna, and their speech is usually slurred.

If you contact a Drunken Rat, do not expect to hear them speak a clear & concise sentence. They will just giggle madly, and say "oh my god" alot.

Also watch your step, as many of them have the tendency to pass out 

Bi-sexual Rats

When it comes to spreading disease, Bi Rats not only infect males, they also taint other females.
Bi Rats usually have their hands all over each other, and have that "broken down slut" look to them. Do not under any circumstance come in contact with a Bi Rat! Just talking them can get you a sexually transmitted disease. 

Mother Rats

Fresh from the trailer parks, Mother Rats are always in search of a daddy for their offspring.

Mother Rats are usually under the age of 20, and have never been married. 

If you come in contact with a Mother Rat, be prepared to listen to how cute their children are, and how they miss their daddy.

Tomorrow, Chapter Two: Seducing a Ring Rat

I'm very excited about this

I'll see you tomorrow.

This is Hyatte