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New Promotions, Russo, Naked Girls, Honky, Dynamite, more Honky, Ryder, Scaia, and Madusa 

Quiet day.

So, I'll bang out one or two current news stories, one slightly older story that no one really talked about, and lots of little things you may or may not like. Deal?

Actually, I don't care if you agree or NOT.... this is how IT WILL BE DAMMIT!

Oh, and if you get an e-mail with a file promising the REAL story behind Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.... it is a VIRUS!!!! BURN IT!!!!! DO NOT LOOK AT IT!!!!! IT WILL DESTORY YOUR COMPUTER, RAPE YOUR MOTHER, AND MAKE YOU GO GAY!!!

Okay then...


Yesterday, I reported that RF Video reported that the Sandman was going to start his own company, kicking off on August 11 at the ECW Arena.

Well, the details grew.... Scherer reports that actually, the group is called the "Main Event Championship Wrestling" and it is aggressively moving forward with an alternative wrestling company. Old School rules, non of that T&A; CRAP!!! (obviously, they are going for the gay target audience)

John Collins is the owner/promoter. He plans to run the company like a corporation. Wrestlers will receive health benefits and a nice 401K plan.

Buff Bagwell has been signed for three years. The Sandman and Tracey Smothers are locked in. Curt Hennig and Terry Taylor are being pursued. Randy Savage hasn't said "no" yet. The Road Warriors and Scott Hall are on Collins' want list too. 

They hope to have a TV show starting September 18, with Joey Styles, Cyrus, and Terry Funk. The plan is to run 4 shows a week.

So far, Collins has yet to announce that Vince McMahon has lost touch with the pulse of the audience.... but that day is coming. BELIEVE IT!!!! 


Just got this e-mail a few seconds ago.... I'm not sure how legit it is.... but what do I care? I'll throw ANYTHING up here.

Hello all 

This has NOTHING to do with Eric Bischoff. He has no contract whatsoever with the WWA. 

The WWA(World Wrestling All-Stars) is a UK and Australia based wrestling promotion that is poised to debut with a huge roster of superstar contracted talent. 

The promotion is owned by Andre McManus, the Director of International Touring Company(Aust) and McGhee Int'l Management and Touring(UK). The WWA is a combination of former WWF and WCW stars. 

Vince Russo has already signed on as the talent booker and head writer, along with 6 other former WWF brokers and writers. 

Mr. McManus is currently in final talks with his merchandiser, and will use his advance from that to purchase numerous WCW contracted wrestlers. 

Talent already signed or will be signing once WCW/Time Warner is paid off: 

Scott Steiner
Jeff Jarrett
Ken Shamrock
Marc Mero
Rena "Sable" Mero
Crowbar and Daffney
Jerry Lawler and "the Kat" Stacy Carter
Road Dogg
Grand Master Sexay
Disco Inferno
Big Vito
Harris Bros
Buff Bagwell
Bret Hart(can referee only)
Mankind(can referee and commentate only)
Chris Candido
Tammy "Sunny" Sytch
Major Gunns

This is the CONFIRMED itin. for the first 16 events: 

Oct. 20 - Perth Event Ctr.
Oct. 26 - Sydney Superdome**
Oct. 27 - Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
Oct. 28 - New Castle Ent. Center 

**Live around Australia on "Mainevent" channel as a PPV event and then fed to B-Sky-B in London. 

Nov. 2 - New Zealand
Nov. 3 - New Zealand
Nov. 28 - Belfast
Nov. 29 - Dublin
Nov. 30 - Birmingham(set-up)
Dec. 1 - Birmingham NEC(PPV back to the United States and on B-Sky-B)
Dec. 2 - Sheffield Arena
Dec. 4 - London Arena
Dec 5 - Wembley Arena
Dec 6 - Manchester Arena
Dec 7 - New Castle Arena
Dec 8 - Glasgow SECC 

Andrew is leaving for the US on August 2nd to meet and finalize WCW contracts. He then leaves for Londonon the 8th of August to meet with B-Sky-B to finalize their commitment to the overall world coverage. 

Doc McGhee is Mr.McManus' partner in the UK company(McGhree Int'l). Doc has spoken someone by the name of "Del" from Sony Signatures and Del has offered $200,000(US) for the merchandising rights of the WWA. This is to help finance the release of the WCW talent contracts, so he owns the talent. 

If you want to confirm any of this information, Andrew's phone number is (07) 55 262 922 

I want you to know that all of this is ABSOLUTELY REAL. I really hope you use this information now, because the promotion itself will be announced very soon. 


Matt Hemmings

Pretty impressive lineup....


"McManus"? Is this a goof?


I've had this stuff for a while, I'm not sure how fresh it is.

His name is M.L. Curly. He is a wrestling writer for the Detroit News.

His name is also Jim Thompson, and he likes to diddle young boys.

Recently, Investigators seized thousands of video and audiotapes, sexually explicit photographs and bags of boys' underwear from Thompson's Southfield apartment. They expect to download his work files, where Thompson told police he built profiles of hundreds of teenage boys he had encountered over several years, according to court documents.

The Detroit News fired the guy. He is 55 years old, by the way.

Thompson is charged with second- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, accused of fondling two brothers, ages 12 and 14, in his sports car in June, police said.

Thompson has a long history involving solicitation and indecent exposure and "fits the profile of a preferential child molester," according to the affidavits police filed in 47th District Court to search his apartment. 

For more than 20 years, Thompson lived alone in Southfield and has been investigated by at least three police agencies in metro Detroit, according to documents. 

Thompson told police that he has encountered more than 1,200 young men since 1965 and has maintained relationships with at least 200, although detectives are still trying to determine the natures of the relationships, Farmington Hills Police Chief William Dwyer said.

Thompson told police he established a rapport with the teens, offering them soda or rides in his car.

He drove a $70,000 1998 Dodge Viper he purchased after inheriting his parents' estate in 1995, Dwyer said.

Thompson told Livonia police investigating solicitation complaints in 1989 and '90 that he paid teenage boys up to $150 to tie him to park trees shirtless and torture him, according to court records. It was unclear whether he was ever charged. 

Dwyer said Thompson evaded authorities because he often targeted troubled teens who he believed were less likely to tell. 

After a 1977 conviction for indecent exposure in Westland, Thompson changed his name from James Mitchell Wineman to conceal his criminal record, Dwyer said. 

Detectives interviewed a 26-year-old Redford man who said Thompson paid him thousands of dollars during the last 11 years to torture him, Dwyer said.

Where did this fascination with torture come from? Well, Curly says, "I can tell you very simply it was a single episode of The Lone Ranger I saw when I was about six years old, I'm not kidding"

Curly would pay kids to torture him. He liked to tape it on video. "Police knew what I was doing. The State Police had a big investigation of me in 1982. They didn't press any charges, so I just assumed it was all cool."

Go here

and here for more. 


You know, I always wondered why I got a hardon whenever Tonto was on TV. Now I know why... it's a wrestling thing.

Curly hopes to get a job as press agent for the MatRats organization. 


Well, that password to the net girls site I posted yesterday? It was killed by 10:30 am est.

The guy who SENT it to me wrote and said that they e-mailed him and said the account has been killed.

LOTS of people are in the gift giving mood and send me MORE passwords to get into sites.

BUT.... one reasonable man, a long time reader of mine, AND an honest to goodness Attorney gave me the following warning:

"Despite subjecting yourself to incredible civil liability, your dissemination of a password to a pay-per-use website can seriously subject you to criminal liability. I highly advise you to be careful with what you are doing. Great site, by the way. Thanks for the password."

I was just waiting for someone to wake up and give me the heads up. 

Well, it was fun while it lasted... but since I doubt any of YOU would pass the collection plate for my Legal bills.... the ride is over.


Ian read Honky Tonk Man's version of what the problem was with Dynamite Kid and decided to clue me (and us) in on what Dynamite has to say on the subject... so:

Just read the recap of the HTM interview a being a Dynamite Kid mark I thought you might
want to know what Dynamite's version of what Honky said is, all of this comes from Pure Dynamite, Dynamite's book (well worth a read by the way). 

Firstly the 2 of them used to be OK with each other but that finished when Honky made an inappropriate comment about the then injured Harley Race who Dyno was very tight with and Dynamite pinned HTM up into a wall, held him by the throat and threatened to beat the shit out of him if he ever talked about the king (Harley not Lawler) like that again. So Honky really doesn't like the Dynamite Kid at all (see also his comment about Dynamite deserving a life of agony), Dynamite never had a problem with him after that incident. 

Secondly Dynamite got his jaw shattered by Rougeau after the cowardly canuck (aren't they all) hit him with brass knucks, the backstory to this is that Curt Henning had ripped up the Rogeau's clothes and as Dynamite had a rep for doing it they blamed him and and started bad mouthing him in the locker room, it led to a fight between Jaques and Dynamite which Raymond got involved in when he saw that his brother was getting a pummeling and got knocked out for his troubles.

Finally the Bulldogs were never fired, Dynamite was unhappy with their treatment and they walked (Dynamite was huge in Japan thanks to his series with the original Tiger Mask so it wasn't much of a financial risk.) 

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle but I would tend to believe Dynamite more considering the obvious hated that HTM has for him has probably distorted the truth.

And there you go. Thanks Ian. 

And now, inspired by the vastly popular Six Degrees of Ryder Fakin'


Hey Hyatte, 

Rick Scaia writes a column called "Online Onslaught."

"Onslaught" was a supervillain that caused trouble for the X-Men in a number of Marvel Comics titles.

One of the main figures behind Marvel Comics is Stan Lee.

A comic containing Stan Lee's re-telling of the origin of Batman was recently released.

The Batman franchise has spawned four live action movies.

The third and fourth Batman movies were directed by Joel Schumacher.

Six Degrees of Rick Scaia Homoerotica


Dear God... I knew it!!!!

Of course, I can't have this without running the ORIGINAL...


And you might not have noticed...

George Harrison has recently been diagnosed with cancer. For those of you who may not know, he was a member of, in some people's opinion, the greatest and most influential rock and roll band ever, The Beatles. While John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the more popular songwriters of the group, one of the songs George Harrison composed and sang was "While MY Guitar Gently Weeps"

Recently, Stone Cold Steve Austin used a guitar in an attempt to win the affection of Mr. McMahon. This attempt was unsuccessful and prompted Mr. McMahon to ask for THE OLD STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN'S return.

The OLD STONE COLD character is what has made the former "Stunning Steve Austin" into the biggest star is Sports Entertainment history. Steve Austin first debuted this persona in ECW.

ECW'S website before going out of business was This site's webmaster was Dave Scherer.

Dave Scherer's Daily Lariat appears on is of course owned by BOB

Six Degrees of Ryder Fakin.


Recently, BOB has been involved in controversy, as the travel company that he owns is in the middle of the ECW bankruptcy hearings.

One has to wonder if this will drive BOB over the edge.

An internet radio show called the Edge had BOB as a guest several months ago. To his credit, he answered honestly and did not duck any questions asked by the host and co-host.

The host of the Edge was Greg Dillard. The co-host was none other than....

Chris Hyatte

The King is dead...Long live the KING


That's right.


Who is Joe Rivett?

Well, he is the new 411 columnist with an interesting idea. he takes one wrestler and offers his "take" on him. Then, he invites.... no.... DEMANDS that you write to him and either disagree or agree with what he said. He'll take the best e-mail (note to Joe, shoot low) and post it next week. It's interactive web writing that NOBODY ELSE DOES (except me, of course)

Look, sample the column. The very worst case is you'll hate it and curse him and me for making you waste your time. The best case is you'll have a new writer that you'll eagerly await for each week.

It's called Time for a Take, the first subject is Chris Kanyon, and you can read the column here

And the 411 Newsboard has all sorts of cribbed news, such as Rob Van Dam being under the WWF microscope, Booker T's backstage attitude, and Indy reports. Tons of stuff, but you knew that already.


Hey, he finally talks about someone OTHER than Lawler:

Jim Ross has made comments about using "washed up, drooping skin, 60 minute town killing, where are we partying tonight Arn? Ric Flair. J.R. says, Flair knows they are interseted in him and the door is open when he decides what he wants. He goes on to say, Flair is a legend and should be treated as such. We know what the WWF does to legends don't we? I guess Flair could be the new and improved "Red Rooster" if he could learn the "cock-a-doddle-doo." No, that is "any-cock-will-do." J.R. the worst thing would be for Flair to be hanging around the WWF locker rooms. If you take the old man, then you have to take the punk kid. It would be funny to see Bradshaw beat the hell out of the kid and the old man too. Whoooooooo

Heh.... pissing on icons.

WAIT.... one last thing....


I'm a bit late today because I went sniffing around other wrestler web sites looking for some gold.

I found Madusa's site. Not a whole lot to see. She doesn't offer much commentary.

BUT, she does do the "Answering Fan Questions" thing.... and I noticed as I clicked through it that she went from vaguely commenting on how she would perform in the WWF to challenging Chyna to down right bashing her. Over the course of her answers, she started to practically BEG for a job in the WWF. What I did was cut several of her "answers", in chronological order, just so you can see what I mean: 

If Madusa was in the story line I see many diffrent situations that make sense. Madusa is always re-inventing her self and she is ready to go another round. Thanks for your question and keep slammin'- Madusa 

You have to love rumors. Yes they are flying everywhere about Madusa returning to the ring and you can never say never. I do know one thing that every single women in every federation is shaking at the thought of it! I guess who ever thought Madusa was ever dead is moving out of the wrestling world. Can you blame them? there scared! Thanks for your question, keep slammin'- Madusa

I know what a great match it would be, Madusa vs Chyna. Everyone in waiting for it and really wants me to kick her butt anyway, she needs a good ass whoopin!

Hey dude there is nothing wrong with being a chyna fan. The WWF did her well and she is grateful, I hope. I have seen many women come and go and when i see them those are the evil ones. The beauty of Madusa is that she has stayed on top for 15 years, still can do what no women can do today. Madusa keeps re-inventing herself, that is the secret. Look at Madonna. I would love to retire Chyna and i think it would be one of the biggest ppv for women, ever. Alot of fans are asking please retire her. Well i will give it my all and thanks for you letter. keep slammin'- Madusa :)

Hi Ron. thanks for asking and I would give it a great deal of consideration. I really think that I could retire Chyna the correct way, with class. thanks- Madusa

Well hopefully i can retire the ungrateful woman... 

Think she regrets throwing away the WWF chick belt NOW?

Bet'cha Eddie Gilbert banging arse she did!

Whoof.... I'm beat.

Luckily, I'm also out.

This is Hyatte