The Midnight News 8.28.01 

Posted By Hyatte on 08.28.01

Excess, MECW, Foley, The Widowmaker, Chatting With the All American, Honky, and My God... why is the column being posted three hours before Midnight? 

What the Hell am I doing putting up news BEFORE Midnight?

Well, I have a very hectic week in real life coming... and since you rat jap pricks ain't sending me money, and since I needs to get paid mothafu**a.... this net gig has to come in second for the next three days. No frills.. no goofing around.. straight news then I'm out. Maybe, if I have time, I'll have some fun with this on Friday, but until then, we are flying.

Couple of things to clear up...

1: From yesterday's message board quote thing...

"Kevin Smith is the worst director I ever seen. Jay and Silent Bob are stupid characters. A couple of stoners who spout dumb-ass catch-phrases like a third rate 'Cheech and Chong' or 'Bill and Ted'. F*ck Jay and Silent Bob. F*ck them up their stupid asses."
(Hyatte's Note: Just to show that Net feuds are not just relegated to wrestling sites, the author of this post went by the name "magnolia-fan")

Well, I saw the movie earlier today... AFTER I posted this.. and as a few of you pointed out, this useless douchey F-wad decided to post it on a wrestling site because he obviously has no life. Stupid F**K didn't even bother to get the quote right. D'Oh. I pulled this quote from the DVD board.... I plead innocent. Ugh, LOSERS

2: As a few of you also mentioned, Flea screwed up yesterday... Keith Moon died on September 7th... he was BORN on August 26... or 27... or whatever... I'm sure Flea is very sorry for the screw up. I'm sure I could give a rat's ass myself.... 

Okay... let's get to the news then I'm out... oh, okay, I managed to get in some more crap on The All American Jeff Peterson. I haven't heard from Mr Patter...err.. Peterso... hmm, PATTERSON yet... no doubt he's busy learning that I am doing nothing illegal. SUCKER!!! Kind of sucks when a good chunk of the net is now digging stuff up on you, DOESN'T IT??? 


How the F**K should I know? It's not even on. I'm sure I'll either like it a lot or like it a little.


Scherer reported that John Collins... owner of MECW... and a man who seemed to love the sound of his own voice not two weeks ago, is now refusing to do interviews. This honor now goes to Tod Gordon. You can go ask him anything about MECW, ECW, his love of gerbils (rumor), his love of panty hose (BIG rumor), his love of gerbils in pantyhose (okay, this may be the truth) and other things at I have nothing against TG, so don't flame him on my account... in fact, don't flame him at all... what has he ever done to you? 


RF Video reports that any reports that there be SHOOTING phone calls on Excess are greatly exaggerated. Everything's being screened. Obviously, this means that Nash is indeed coming back if they're allowing his name to be uttered on the air (ahh, nothing like good ol' tried and true "Net Logic")


Meltzer reports that a film starring Mick Foley, which has been on the shelf for 5 years now (so you know it HAS to be good!) will finally be released. It's called Deadbeats and it's about a "hardcore criminal" (He steals barbed wire?) who goes straight and starts working for a credit card company. 

This is a great movie. I saw it a few years ago, It's on cable all the time too. Except it wasn't called Deadbeats... it was called Mo' Money... and Mick wore blackface throughout the entire film... and he was about 75 pounds lighter... and he always wore a baseball hat... and his screen name was Damon Wayans... 

Eh, who am I kidding... the film was/is far from great... or even good. I do crack up when Mick pretends to be a gay black guy and sneezes all over the Jewelry guy... heh.


RF Video also pointed out that Barry Windham once again turned his back 0n Dusty Rhodes and the fans by turning Heel in TCW. 12 years ago, this would have been a heartbreaking moment... now all I can do is imagine that grudge match between the two... who here can't wait to see BW whip out the black glove and put Dusty in the claw for 20 minutes?


More news on Jeffy Boy... not sure how legit this all is... but what the hell, being one of the boys opens you up to stuff like this.

Whats up, my names Jeff, I don't know if you got my last email because of your account at hotmail, anyways, Jeff Peterson is still a senior in high school. 

I used to be a regular at AOL Wrestling Chat, which at one time was visited by somewhat intelligent wrestling fans. Even wrestlers occasionally showed up (Kanyon, Tammy Sytch and a few others) and yes...I know the difference between a 12 year old acting like a wrestler and a real one (they had their own message boards through AOL, so their screen names were legit). As I was saying, Jeff Peterson sometimes showed his goofy mug in the chat room as well.

He was just as immature as he was when he emailed you, and truth be known, since it's August 27th....Monday....4pm....I'm guessing little Jeffrey just got off that big yellow bus, 

yes, Jeff Peterson is still in high school, just thought you'd like to know that one.

He's still in High School? HE'S TWENTY YEARS OLD!!!

Two words dude... G... E... and D

Now, Reneke sent me a little AIM chat he had with Jeffery... or at least he claims. I've got no reason NOT to believe him, but you never know. It's quick and oh, so entertaining...

Reneke is CSurvived. Jeff is ironmike001

CSurvived: You're the fool who made an ass out of himself in from of Hyatte.

ironmike001: i made a fool out of hyatte

CSurvived: Yeah, keep telling yourself that poser.

ironmike001: you want me to kickyour ass?

CSurvived: You couldn't wipe the floor with my dog's p**ker you poser!

ironmike001: your so gay you must be hyattes game lover (-note, game lover?)

CSurvived: You're so witty and smart, the girls at the sandbox must think you're the shits.

ironmike001: hey i have girls all over me

CSurvived: Family doesn't count there Cancer Boy.

ironmike001: oh now your gonna make fun of it, at least i'm in the pros and your just a makr

CSurvived: You're just like every internet poser... you use the smark talk to make you sound like a pro. Poser.

ironmike001: ive had over a thousand matches and i am famous in florida

CSurvived:And you're only 19! Wow, what a busy schedule you must have. And you've fought the Hardys! Wow, you go girl!

ironmike001: im a guy and i was beating up the hardy boys before they were in the wwf

CSurvived: See, I just caught you in a lie. You claimed to be diganosed with Cancer when you were 19!

ironmike001: i didnt say i was 19

CSurvived: So how old are you?

ironmike001: im 27

CSurvived: Yet another lie I've caught you in. You said that you wrestled Jeff Hardy when he was 18 and you were 16. So, are you saying that Jeff Hardy is 29 years old? A quick check of my PWI amanac says otherwise.

ironmike001: shut the f**k up or i will f**king kill you

CSurvived: Oh did I push a button? OK, so how are you going to kill me tough guy? Find me and I'll shoot myself.

ironmike001: you dont have the balls to come to florida and fight me

CSurvived: Hey Mr All America... using your e-mail address, a quick check of your yahoo account says that you're only 14! What's up with dat?

ironmike001: ive had that email addy since i was 14

CSurvived: Yu huh, so you've been a member of Yahoo since... 1988?

ironmike001: go f**k yourself

There you go...

This... this is tragic... I have to drop this kid from any more torture... it's so pitiable. Jeeze, Sean Shannon put up a better fight. Even DUS... err, no... the Pussy went down even easier... both the first one and the second one who tried like Hell to salvage the name brand's rep by renewing his attack on me a bit too late for it to matter.

If I never hear from Jeff again, I'll forget this ever happened, and I'll encourage the readers to forget this too. There's a deal for ya'.


As of this posting, there is nothing new on the site to plug. The Raw recap will be up minutes after the show ends.


You know the man, you know the site and by now, you know that I meant it when I said we're flying this week... so let's get to it.

Reports have surfaced about the Kat bringing 4 Memphis Police officers with a search and seizure warrant to the King's castle last Thursday while the old boy was out of town. Kat was there with the legal papers and the strong arm of the law to re-claim her belongings. Her court order was said to have given her permission to enter the premises and take clothing, jewelry, and money. Will continue to investigate this new turn of events as the story unfolds.

You gotta love it when he says he'll "investigate" these news reports... too funny

Several new names will be added to the "Ass Whipping List" this week. Some people have taken HTM to the end of the line and it is time for the ass whippings to start

Uh oh... someone's in TROUBLE!!

I forget, is Lawler even officially ON the AWL?

Wouldn't it be funny if Honky put The All American Jeff Peterson on his list? Oh, that would be so cool.

And furthermore... nah, forget it. I really have to go. 

Goodnight, Godbless, and blah, blah, blah

This is Hyatte