The Midnight News 9.17.01 

Posted By Hyatte on 09.17.01

Honest to goodness WWF News, and lots of letters from pissed off Canadians 

Well... yeah.

I still don't want to do any news on wrestling... it just seems so pointless. Luckily, there isn't much news to report. So, how about I just post a ton of letters received over the weekend and stuff? 

I didn't bother doing any message board scouring because I quite frankly do not care what the TOA people think about what happened, just like plenty of you don't really care about what I think.... so you all can go now.

I do want to announce that as of today, I have received over 100 e-mails featuring that commentary from a Canadian Journalist about how great America is... yes, one hundred e-mails with the same damn editorial attached.... STOP SENDING ME THIS F-ING THING!!!!!!!.

A quick thought on MTV's coverage of this event... I understand why they would have a special TRL with Carson Daly targetting the kids of America, but I have absolutely no idea why they would open the show with Joey from N Synch on the phone from his multi-million dollar mansion in Florida talking about how he is dealing with this. I know the 13-16 year old girls love these guys, but I would LOVE to actually meet the person who actually wanted to know what Joey and Justin has to say.

Another thing... during this stressful time, I am trying to be as easygoing as possible.... but I read Rick Scaia's "take" on Tuesday's event and damn near punched out my computer screen.... I plan on doing a thorough and brutal attack on this douchebag's ass for what he wrote, but I'm not sure if I'm not blinded by my overwhelming dislike for this piece of shit. Please, read the thing and tell me, am I overreacting or is he really deserving a pounding. It's over at Wrestleline. I refuse to link it up. I mean, I think he really made a total asshole out of himself.

Here... here are a couple of newsbits I picked up from 1Bob... just to say that I did have some actual NEWS tonight...

-One of the waitresses at the WWF New York also worked at the World Trade Center part time. Well, she's one of the missing. 

I think, when this is all over with, everyone will have a connection to someone who was directly affected by this thing. I doubt that anyone in America will get out of this one unscathed, my friends.

-Another news bite... the WWF is sending over 180'000 pounds of clothing to New York, for anyone who needs it. So, if you see people walking around Ground Zero wearing a Chicago Enforcer jersey and other XFL gear that was just gathering dust, you'll know why.

Charitable donations are a tax write-off too.... f-ing McMahon, always finding ways to save money.... someone should make him an honorary Jew.

Okay, let's get to some feedback. I seperated these letters into 3 groups... normal, garden variety "Hyatte Sucks" e-mails, just to prove that some things never change no matter what happens... a few e-mails from Muslims, just to remind you all that not all Muslims are terrorists that hate America and everything she stands for... and the rest are from Canadians who are ANGRY.... ENRAGED over my comments towards them in the last column. 

Of course, there were PLENTY of e-mails, the majority of them in fact, that loved what I wrote and praised me for it... but posting those has never been my style. You know that.

Here we go...

Can you please stop trying to be Howard Stern. You use his material all the time. Give it up my friend. 

Crystal Mannai

Oh NO!!! The secret's OUT!!!! I am so BUSTED!!

Stern goofs on Dusty the Fat Bitter Cat? Since when?

Actually, truth be told, I am NOT imitating Stern, I am imitating Ron & Fez.

I'm sorry cause i am a regular 411 reader and enjoy maybe 80% of the site overall , i'm not trying to bash ... just ....inform you that noone , and i literally mean noone needs assurance that humanity will go on from an internet wrestling reporter . it's on tv all day and night . 

i'm also sure noone cares about how proud you are , except for those who know you personally . 

if you report wrestling news , then report wrestling news , dont try to be connie frickin' chung alright . 

you saw Americans giving blood and helping theyre fellow Americans . 

did you see me donate blood or did you see me work 30 hours strait , in hell , cleaning up debri ? i didnt see you . i drove 2 states to get there and do whatever i could and i gave my all . wwf gave what they could by giving me a show last night to help take us away from the horror , even if just for a moment . 

you should do the same , hell i would have rather read what honkey or lawler sites have to say or something , anything but another writer cashing in on the story that saved gary conduit's ass please . 


im not a cop or fireman , im a writer .

what gave me nightmares was seeing reporters a hundred feet away from thousands of people dead or dying and they litterally had a microphone in theyre hands and they were - working , WORKING ! 

i feel much better about myself knowing i had gloves on and was sweating , risking my own life to try to help anothers . 

this is Torch - peace 

There are so many things so f-ing STUPID about this letter, I don't know where to even begin...

How does he know I wasn't there? If he did see me, he wouldn't even know it. I've been doing the Net thing for four years now and I can promise you, NO ONE (note, it's not "noone") who has ever read me knows what I look like. How do I know HE was there?

Oh, and he is a WRITER... then why does this letter look like a 5 year old wrote it?

I also challenge SOMEONE... ANYONE to explain how I am "cashing in" on this. Go ahead... try. How many pop-ups appear while you read this column?

What did I do? I gave blood, twice. I also purchased and sent 36 pairs of clean white socks to my local Red Cross. Was it a lot? No, but it is all I could do right now. I also honked my horn every time I drove by people holding mini-candlelight vigils in front of their houses. That's what I did. Oh, and I also tried my best to make a lot of people feel a little better by writing a column last Wednesday. Was it a lot? No... was it as much as I can do right now? Yes. So this guy can suck my dick.

Look, Hyatte's prejudice, no matter how much he tries just to pass it off as entertainment, is inexcusable in light of what just happened. Hyatte owes the web an apology, and everyone an apology for the ignorance and childishness, the cowardice and stupidity of his online "act." For this reason, as I think of the magnitude of what happened, I will also hope (as vain as it will be) that Hyatte will change his online "act" and stop this ignorant prejudice against everyone who is not like him. If it does not, I will take my wrestling business elsewhere, even paying money if I have to. Keller's or Meltzer's humanity is preferable to Hyatte's worthless stupidity. I want a sincere apology that reflects change. I, as well as most of the human race, are deeply affected by what just happened, and as usual, prejudice was the cause. Prejudice like Hyatte's prejudice. I will not visit 411, nor will I support 411 in any capacity until Hyatte is exposed for the bigot he is.

Maurice David

Yes, during times like these.... threats to never visit 411 again are REALLY the biggest issue on all our minds.

That's a pretty idiotic statement there, chief. I don't think George W. needs Howard Stern wannabes making comments like that when he's trying to mobilize international support to go nuke somebody. 

Corey Davidson

Wow, two e-mails calling me a Stern wannabe in a week. That's a record.

I really don't think anything I say will effect George W's work in any way, shape, or form.

I also really don't think George W is looking to "nuke" anybody....

and don't call me Chief.

just read your own comments buddy and you know why america got attacked,its full of people with attitudes like yours,and as you you found out it doesn't pay to be a prick,keep talking and maybe you'll be the next one to get blown up you f**king flamer

Rob Morris

and don't call me buddy either.

Okay, so those were the generic stuff.... now let's change the pace and read comments from OTHER Middle Easterners.... just to remind the rest of you that many, MANY of these people are not plotting to kill the Great White Skinned Satan. They are just as hurt as the rest of us....

And I'm keeping their e-mail addresses secret, because I don't need any misguided readers flaming them with death threats and viruses.

Let's start this off with an explanation about Osama Bin Laden and just what he represents...

I've been trying to get a perspective on what's gone on in the last few days. watching cnn has been amazing for facts. reading editorials in newspapers has been fine for amassing a level of consciousness among the western world. 

What helps me the most, however are people like yourself. I believe that you've had a constant goal to speak TO people rather than FOR them, and having read your midnight news last night has really gotten to me, and I thank you for those inspiring words. 

There has been alot of talk about Osama Bin Laden since the tragedy happened, and I think that it is really important to know exactly who this bastard is, what he is capable of, and how far reaching his power is. 

I currently live in Toronto, but come from an Israeli family. From my view, it is very important to learn about where you come from, and your history. Sadly, being jewish, it seems that I have alot of enemies. There are people who would kill me at their first chance, and yet they've never met me. Osama Bin Laden acts as a voice for many of them. 

All of the history of his life is significant, and his past attacks are also important to know, however THE most important thing to know about this man, is that he hates you, he hates me. He hates all of your readers and all of the people that they interact with. He doesn't hate Americans and he doesn't hate Jews. He hates westerners. that means anyone who has the 'live and let live' attitude that makes us all so free to innovate, and to reach out to each other. He hates the fact that we don't treat women like property, and that we don't kill those who don't follow one common code of morals. He even hates Afghani and Saudi men and women who've moved here to escape fourth world poverty and oppression. 

America is going to learn alot about this man, and hopefully, they will learn that he alone is not the problem. He has thousands of followers whom will follow any and all of his commands. He has already set other men up to take his place, and continue his twisted ways should he ever deservedly perish. 

Most importantly, however, he is sponsored by several countries whom quietly and not so quietly support him with money, weapons, land and manpower. 

I hate war, I really do. I, however despise people who hate me just because of my beliefs, whether islamic fundamentalist, nazi or neo-nazi. 

This is why America must do what its citizens undoubtedly are hoping for. They musn't only 'take out' Bin Laden. They sincerely need to destroy his entire operation. They need to go into countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. They must eradicate this kind of hatred before it spreads even further. 

Most vitally, each American needs to learn about this threat. consult books, periodicals and magazines both from your country and from other countries about the extreme Islamic right Wing. It exists beyond just its places of birth. It also exists in your country and in mine. 

I apologize for the length of this message, Chris. But over the time that I've read your posts, I've noticed that you are very passionate about worldly issues, and do as much reading up and research on them as you can. I admire that, and always strive to do the same. 

I really feel for your country, and its people. tomorrow, I'll be giving blood and money to the red cross in hopes that it can do even a little bit for you all. 

I've heard so many criticisms of pompous, pretentious people of America and its values. What they have always failed to realize is that it is those values that have given them the education necesary to articulate these thoughts, and the material things with which they voice these thoughts. I've never once been anything but proud of this side of the world, and all the wonderful things we've accomplished as a united consciousness. 

I offer my condolences to you, your readers, your country and the rest of the world.
Take care, and while you heal, remember how vital it is to know your enemies, but how much more important it is to know your friends.


Hey Hyatte, "Long time" reader (, first time writer. Usually read your news to laugh, you are undoubtly the best on the internet, but never really felt compelled to send feedback for any reason. Your news report onn 9-13 changed that though. With all the "professional" journalists out on the net, I've probably read all of them since the tragedy, never have I read such an elaquont take as the one you had. It was all that is good about our country and stirred up even more feelings of pride than what I already have for the U.S.A. If you could not tell by the name, I am Muslim, but I like every Muslim I know feel sick and digusted by these acts of cowards and am ready to hunt them down and exact revenge on them. Bin Ladan is no Muslim, as much as Hitler or McVeigh was Christian. I have been in America since 1980 and am American to the core. We will get these bastards! One last note, I have read the Koran a couple of times, and I swear, I keep missing the part about killing 30,000 innocent people in the name of Islam a key part of our religion, maybe one of your readers can help me out. Thanks Hyatte, you rule.

Rehan Khan 

Hey man. I expect you’re going to get lots of message like this from non-Americans who’ve been reading your columns for years. After what has happened, and what we’ve seen on our televisions, I know that America and its people are going to be scarred forever; I know that a lot of other people all over the world will be as well, including me.
As a British Muslim (well, in name at least….if you know what I mean), I feel like shite over what has happened during the last couple of days. I think I feel like most normal human beings, in being dazed, confused and f-ed up about the whole thing. But I’ve had to try and get my head together in order to send this message about your latest column. Everything you wrote was spot on, barbarism and savagery does bring out the best in people, and especially Americans. The good side of human nature has to come out of all this, and I think it is.

It makes me ashamed to think that those c-nts who did this, were doing this because of religion. I don’t take my faith seriously at all, in fact I’ve broken almost every rule there is to break, but it bugs me that these zealots did this in the name of Islam. I’m normally a pacifist, and detest war or fighting of any kind, but this time, I hope you take the bastards out. They have to be taught a lesson, but you guys shouldn’t ‘nuke the bastards’ like I’ve just been hearing on the news. Some good has to come out of this, and killing more innocents isn’t going to help. After America has kicked some ass, the whole world has to educate and teach these people, so their kids don’t grow up to become the next Osama bin Laden.

Um, I think I’ve rambled and wasted enough of your time, so I’ll finish this.
Well done for writing an excellent column, I don’t think I was part of your target audience but it helped anyway.

Not only will America survive, I think the rest of us will, as well.

Good luck and goodbye,

Umran Ahmed

Hello, My name Omar I am an American my religion is Islam my nationality is
Palestinian and let me assure you like most middle eastern people living in America I am disgusted and horrified by this terrable terrorist attack. This has nothing to do with Islam. These hethens don't have a clue about God. My prayers are with the familys of all our American brothers and sisters who were murdered.And our armed forces who my brother is serving in the navy. We must stay strong. We must get through this. We will get throgh this. God bless this Country!!!! p.s. thank you for explaining to people not take there aggresion on the wrong target. We will unify as nation to take these bastards down.


Chris, Thank you for your statement at the end of the Midnight News. Thank you especially for your comments regarding Arab-Americans. They are not to blame, and should not be targeted. This reaffirms my faith that their are intelligent people out there in a position of communicating with a mass of people. I am ashamed of Americans who voice and express rage at their fellow American citizens, regardless of their background, race, or religion. I have trouble enough just explaining the organization that I work for, and the fact that we are an AMERICAN citizens' group. We are concerned just working here today, all because the word "Arab" appears in our title, and regardless of what we do. We just hope that there are enough intelligent, rational people exist to counter the unnecessary hatred going on right now. Thank you. 

Geoff Stiltz: National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations 

You're welcome.

Finally let's hear what the Canadians thinks about all this.... starting with one who actually compared me with Osama Bin Laden himself!!

Hey good to see you back on 411... but here's my comments on the world trade center
you do exactly de same thing as Bin Laden by hating Canada... you would be happy to see this happend to us... you would enjoy Canada to crash like Saddam does... your exactly like them... your responsable of this.. 

i'm wondering if you don't think all your comments on Canada as something to do with this... you know it's people like you that hates other people for nothing that creates a general sentiment of vendence and guys did a lot of bombing in the past 100 years and you too killed a lot of innocent people before.. 

i'm really outrage to see what happend to your country today. I think it could've been mine too and would really loved to get help from you guys in moment like these and forget about our differences... here in Montreal, there is loaded trucks going to USA full of blood supplies and doctors from all over Canada ready to go give some help... 

if we were always hated by USA like you hate us, maybe this wouldn't be the same. Stop seeing canada like stupid assholes... you, Hyatte, like many other people, are responsable for this.. cause you encourage war and revenge... this sentiment of power you have, over the world, that creates jalousy, and that jalousy become 4 f**king crasy idiot to drive plans in building cause they can endure more your power trip... 

i thing those guys are the worst ennemy of the world because they do f**king stupid actions... but i think you're personnaly not better by encouraging it... on your side...
it's not ok if they do it, but it's ok if you do it... that means if your at the place of the idiot that plan the crashes, (he hates you) and you bomb us Canada ) because you hate us.... (that's as valueable as him) well now you must exept what he did... or you must not get your revenge by bombing them... or you will accept that we could after that kill your mother and sisters and friend because you decied you were more powerfull than Canada and that you think we're stupid... 

you do exactly de same thing as Bin Laden by hating Canada... you would be happy to see this happend to us... you would enjoy Canada to crash like Saddam does... your exactly like them... your responsable of this.. 

i thinks the first one to stop is the most intelligent... 

that's what i think 

jessy fuchs
montreal, canada

I think he's pushing it, juuust a tad.

Oh Hey, straight out of rehab, here's a letter from Dave Gagnon!

I think it's a real shame that you piss on my country that offered his airports. We gave blood, we sent money for your country and you say that we're only good for parking space? 

Hell, I gave blood for your fellow americans and that's how you thank us. Way to go

Dave Gagnon

And so on....

Hey Hyatte.. 

"Oh, and did you notice how we re-routed all of Tuesday's air traffic to Canada? Heh. Our neighbors up North are always good for extra parking.... too bad they don't seem to be of use for much else though. "

Not much use for anything else? I'm offended by that. Toronto and Montreal (where I live) were evacuated because of the excess traffic from flights. People opened their doors to allow US citizens a place to sleep. You better screw your head on right.

Angelo Mantzios Canadian, and US mourner.







You couldn't make it through the one column that absolutely required a professional, non-joking approach. I won't waste my time going into why this was a stupid statement. You sir, are a punk. 


I hope that made you feel better. I've seen a certain amount of anti-Canadian remarks made in the last couple days, and I feel confused by it. Tuesday morning, my office building basically shut down for the day as we gathered around those cubicles that had radios, and we reacted in shock and horror and disbelief. We didn't treat it as someone else's problem, we didn't think of it as happening "somewhere else" and we didn't distance ourself from it emotionally. Some people wiped away tears, some people looked enraged. When I heard the story of how 200 or more fireman and other rescue workers were in one of the towers when it collapsed, I was driving home from work...I thought it was the most horrible thing I've ever heard, and I had to pull over for a minute to compose myself. I understand thousands of Canadians have called American emergency services offering help, especially our medical personal. Many many thousands have immediately proceeded to our local Red Cross offices and gave blood so in the event the US experianced a shortage, we could help out a bit. I just today heard about several Canadian banks that will be donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the US Red Cross, as well as matching employee contributions, and organizing donations from the general public, etc etc. I think 237 commercial aircraft have landed in Canada, diverted to there as US airspace became restricted. In one city in the province of Newfoundland, the number of travelers that arrived on over 100 aircraft equaled the population of that airport's city. People left work to help organize the comfort and caring of those people, people offered their homes to the travelers. Last night I watched an American woman weep as she described how at one point she was "surrounded by strangers offering to take care of us". I suppose I could go on and on about it, but hopefully you get the general idea. We're NATO allies, we've fight wars beside you. We feel terrible about what happened, and we want to help.

Jason Pollock

Yeah, we Canadians are good for nothing? Look at how u treat us, we try to help u guys, our neighbours, through these difficult times and what do we get, ur f**king idoit comments.U don't c all the things we're doing to help u guys as much as possible. Think before u write because it doesn't seem u do. 

Adriano Boin

Hyatte; Normally when you take your cheap shots at Canada I just laugh. I realize it's mostly in jest and we here take our cheap shots at the US for fun too so it doesn't bother me at all, but in a time of crisis like this, it really sucks. "Our neighbors up North are always good for extra parking.... too bad they don't seem to be of use for much else though."???? Canadians are just as outraged about this as you are. We also have family and friends that live in the New York area. We also saw the devastation on TV in the newspapers just like you. You say we're not good for much else? Every news episode in Canada shows the line ups to donate blood at shelters. The lineups are sometimes 2-3 hours long but people wait. So f**k you. Donations are being collected at every major bank. So f**k you. People are leaving gifts, flowers and cards at the US embassies buildings. So f**k you. Paramedics, firefighters and forensics experts are being sent to New York from the Toronto area. So f**k you. And all those planes that you said are just being parked in Canada, well they had thousands of people on them from all around the world...including Americans, and they are all being put up in shelters and in some cases people are donating extra rooms in their homes to feed and shelter them. You think we're useless? F**k you. I'll bet there's thousands of Canadians who have each done more than you will ever do to help in this situation. Don't get me wrong, I love your site and normally your Midnight News column is good for a few laughs but in a time like this to say we're useless when everyone is doing their best...well that's pretty low. God Bless all the victims and their families.


Hey there I'm a Canadian and all I can say is f**k you Yank comments like the one about Canada being good for nothing but parking and that whole attitude is why your being bombed and we're not. Never been beat hey try the war of 1812 or more recently Vietnam. Anyway try to take this in the same spirit as I'm sure your comments about canada were made.


You f**king dumb idiot!! After all that has gone on in the world you feel the need to take a cheep shot at Canada? if it wasn't for Canada you guys would be f**ked! 

We supply the u.s. with all your lumber and supply half your dam country with water.
And not only to mention all the stuff Canada has done for all you stranded Americans up here in our country, we have donated millions of dollars of supplies for all the people that are here. Unlike the U.S.A. Canada will help those in need, not hurt them. Canada is probably the most love country in the world while the u.s.a. seems to be the most hated, just look at what happened, you never hear of stuff like that happening anywhere in
Canada. and why is that because Canada has respect for the world. 

And for everyone I work with and work for, 411wrestling links and banners are being pulled from websites all over Canada for that remark being allowed to be posted on the website. 

Single H

And so it goes...

MAN, you guys have SUCH a complex going....

See, here's my thing.... I don't HATE Canadians.... anyone who's talked to me on AIM knows I don't hate Canadians.... I don't even dislike Canadians. I was just trying to see how Canadians would react if I figuratively dismissed their country in the last column and concentrated on my own during this crisis. 

See, when I think of Canada, I get this picture of Scott Keith.... sitting in his home in Canada, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for this whole thing with America to blow over just so he can get back to the Internet business of being Scott Keith. I don't know whether this is true or not.... it's just the idea I get whenever I think of Canada. Were you really concerned and angry about this... or were you just twiddling your thumbs, waiting for this to be over?

Apparently, you all are standing by us. That's what I like to hear!

So, Canada... you can now consider yourself "America's Sidekick"! We are Batman, you guys can be Robin! We are Superman, you can be Jimmy Olson! It's really neat... you get a special Emergency Signal Watch... all sorts of cool stuff.

No, we stand UNITED!!! Against a common Evil!!! An Evil with many heads.... spread out over many countries.... this is going to be long and bloody.... but with CANADA on our side... we might JUST WIN!!! WE MIGHT JUST PULL IT OFF!!!!

There, everyone feel better now? Good. Now, our President has asked us to get back to work tomorrow... so I'm going to bed.

Don't Blame Canada, blame Osama Bin Laden! Err.... no, doesn't quite have the same rign to it... does it?

This is Hyatte, eh?