The Midnight News 04.19.04 

Posted by Hyatte on 04.19.2004 

A Horrible Backlash Recap, Austin, A-Train, Hunter, Nash, Advice, Movies, Flea, and Guess Who's Back! 

you are an idiot an a waste of bandwidth. good luck talking to "test".

Matt Ficke

I’m Chris and this is the Midnight News. I wasn’t around last week because I had absolutely no desire to yammer on about wrestling. Case close.

How are we liking the new two column format, by the way? If you prefer it the other way around, let me know. 

I’ve said enough… let’s get to it.


Two things…

1: The last Thursday column I did featured, among other things, an ALARMING admission from Test about what he’d doing to really mess with America. If you didn’t check it out, do so now.

2: Ric Flair held an online chat over in England where he was at his most honest. He ragged on Bischoff, ripped into Russo, pissed a little on Foley, and laid down the truth on Hunter, Michaels, and how he’s enjoying his “second life” in the WWE… he also talks about the one guy not even HE could get a good match out of. It’s maybe the most honest, open interview we’ve gotten from a wrestler in many, many a moon… and it’s from the Nature Boy, who doesn’t really do too many of these. It’s a must read for all of you marks… for real… and serious.

There you go, quick and painless… like my penis.


Taking EVERYONE (except wise-ass “I knew it all along” Meltzer) by surprise was the announcement that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has left the WWE over contract negotiations. Apparently, money wasn’t as much of the object as Austin being able to use his name for outside the WWE (and thus, outside the hands of Vince McMahon) acting projects. Vince had already sold “The Rock” name to Dwayne Johnson because it is HIGHLY important to stay in the Rock’s good graces. With Austin, Vince feels he has a slight advantage over him. And, in a way, he did.

Hey, whatever Austin wants to do, let him do it. He did his bit for the WWE. Saved their ass from the closest they came to total defeat at the hands of WCW. (People ALWAYS credit McMahon and Russo for this… but who was the guy who put asses in the seats?) If he wants to try to get acting work, then best of luck to him… lots of actresses out there who I KNOW need a good slap in the mouth (that Halle Berry thinks she’s all that… let Steve at her!)

But it’s an ugly situation that brings forth the misery that is Austin’s life these days. His kids are in England, he now has a few blemishes on his criminal record, and he can do everything the old Stone Cold did EXCEPT for actually wrestle… and he’s a young guy too… he had a few good years left in him/

But that wasn’t Austin’s biggest problem… 

The Rock, while making his interview rounds, commented about how SOME people in the WWE locker room acted DIFFERENT towards him… RESENTFUL… a little UPSET that he crossed over to Hollywood mega-fame while they still worked a dingy locker room…

And of COURSE, people started to scream, “TRIPLE H SUCKS!!! THAT JEALOUS, SCUMMY BASTARD!!!” the moment the Rock’s comment made it’s way on the Torch… “OH GOD, THAT FUCKING HELMSLEY IS A WHINY, CLUELESS, ASSHOLE!!!! THAT FUCKER!!!”


HHH is now a PART OF THE WWE FAMILY… more than Hogan ever was, more than Savage, Hart, or even Gino Morella! In 20 years, HHH will be RUNNING the WWE… hell, maybe in 10 years… this is all he ever wanted out of his life… the man is CONTENT!! 

And he probably makes about the same amount of money that the Rock does too… and he makes MOVIES TOO… 

And Hunter is SMART… he KNOWS he’s not the amazing pop machine that can carry a company all on his shoulders… he knows he isn’t a major crossover star like the Rock is… like Hogan was… like Savage was…

Like Austin was…

Hunter is a BUSINESSMAN… and his business is making the WWE as huge and as profitable as possible… having the Rock in Hollywood and keeping his ties to the company goes a LONG ASS WAY in keeping that goal a reality. Hunter wants the Rock to be bigger than friggin’ Arnold… because then the new Arnold will be working Wrestlemania, and he’ll be GOOD in the match… guaranteed money match. Trust me, even if he hates the Rock personally, HHH wants every single movie the Rock makes to clear 300 million… that is business.

So, if Hunter isn’t the one who is resentful of the Rock’s success… who is? Which big time crossover star sat back with a broken neck and watched the Rock become the bank HE should have been?


So… give Austin a break… he’s made a lot of money, but he’s still had a few runs of bad luck… 

He’s only human, ya know.


My live, on-site PPV correspondent crapped out on me (I got too lazy) sooooo:

-Sheldon made Massa pick his OWN damn cotton!

-The Coach taught Sensie a kata or too in his own dojo!

-The Canadian Love Triangle is ISOSCELES

-When the ring is filled with flopping tits, who cares who won?

-The boy was made a MAN and a legend is still more known for losing matches then winning them

-Raw has a tag team division since the Dudley’s left? Imagine that

-Enjoy that bone, Canada, because once Chrissy baby gets back to the states, methinks his Cinderella fairy take story will be coming to an end! 

Okay, so not the funniest PPV recap I’ve ever pulled out… but all you need to know about what happened is buried in there!!! Oh yes!


You kids like gossip… beyond the old “oh look what Triple H did NOW” bullshit… so I give you this:

I am a DJ/Nightclub manager at one of the top hotels here in Las Vegas NV and while playing last night I noticed a very large guy hanging out by the stage/dj booth. 

It turned out to be non other than "A-Train" himself with a group of 5 or 6 mediocre looking women (he was the only guy in the group). 

Three things stood out about him besides the fact he is a Sports "Entertainer": 

1) people his size usually sweat buckets even if its -30 degrees out. He wasnt sweating at all. 

2) he was attempting to ballroom dance to hip hop music and was actually quite good at it. (If that aint a red-flag right there I dont know what is). 

3) He personally requested I play some salsa/latin music (I had none and if I did I would lie). 

I was waiting for him to come up to me for a second time and ask if I knew of a great place to purchase "track-lighting" (If you dont understand the track-lighting thing, ask around somebody is sure to know).

A-Train stayed thoughout most of the night and the funny thing about it was more women knew who he was than guys. 

All the best and keep up the good work!!!


P.S. Test and Stacey are regulars also when in town................Test, if I may say, is a douchebag. Stacey however, is a complete sweetheart.

Oh come on…

A: He’s a wrestler… he’s used to working every night under hot lights in a steamy building filled with drunk white trash who have the nerve to suck ALL the oxygen out of the place. Give the guy SOME credit… he has the conditioning to not sweat in a nightclub!

B: Maybe the only thing he knows how to do is ballroom dance? Maybe he just likes to be charming?

C: So he likes a little salsa… hey, sometimes, when I’m feeling pretty, I like to crank up Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound machine… THE RHYTHM IS GONNA GET’CHA, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! Doesn’t mean I’m GAY… just because I like pro wrestling… large, sweaty, shirtless, spandex-wearing men romping around a ring… just because I have a deep, soul-filling love for Gershwin. Just because I constantly hunt down gay guys and beg them to tell me how to smell as good as them… Just because I use the word “gauche” and “droll” and just because I shave my pubes does NOT mean I’m gay… how DARE you, sir… how very gauche of you.

Albert? Oh, he takes it right up the ol’ ying yang… who don’t know that?

And Test is a douche, but as he reported in the last Thursday column I did, he’s a douche ON A MISSION!!


I actually have a couple this week… and a couple for next week too! Great!

The first one was off Instant Messenger… and it was from a GUY!

Kevin is the Cutest man I have ever met, I think I have a crush... Should I go gay, Respond with a yes or no and I will decide.



Here's a Guide to Life Question. Which is your Copenhagen of choice: long cut, fine cut, bourbon, or pouches?


Fine cut… pure as a virgin’s crackhole. 

There was a time for about a few years where I jumped to Skoal for some nutty reason. It had its benefits. Nice, minty taste. Easy to hawk out when you were finished. 

Funny thing about this is that while Copenhagen is probably the strongest brand of chew out there (It’s like the Camel unfilters of chew), it doesn’t burn out your mouth like other brands (Kodiac sticks out in my mind) do. This is because they don’t put as much chemicals in Copenhagen; it’s a mostly natural cut in those cans. 

I liked this question because all I had to do was pull up the original answer from the archives.

The next question is brand new… well, sort of… always the same topic.

Alright, so no one's sending you anything? How about taking a stab at my life for a second.

Normally, people will go through the entire situation that has brought them to the point they're at, but since mine's long and convoluted, I'll sum it up: too many women, not enough solutions.

To sum it up, I've been trying for some time to get into a relationship that doesn't drive me up a wall. I'm either finding people I can't get along with or people who are taken, which is something of a problem. So, I decided to come to you and ask, Mr. Hyatte, what you think I should do.

To sum it up:

Woman #1: Dated for nine months, broke up, been friends ever since. I like her as a person, but she seems to have a certain amount of desire to monopolize my time and life, to the exclusion of all else. She has her own friends, but many of them she rarely sees, and the few she sees frequently are friends of mine by association, so I am also asked to come along. She takes to anger fairly easily, and though I've explained to her that we will never date again, she acts jealous around most of the women I'm friends with. My friends and I also believe she might go Fatal Attraction if I develop another relationship.

Woman #'s 2-3: Friends of mine that life out of state. I met #2 during a group meeting of one of my hobbies, and #3 I met through #2. Both are presently involved in relationships, #3 has two children and is pregnant and is developing complications. Both have informed me that they wish to have sex with me, ideally at the same time, but a relationship is out of the question. Personally, we get along well enough, but conversations with them become difficult after a while, because outside of two hobbies we share collectively, we have little in common. #3 and I have more intellectual conversations than #2 and I, but not by much.

Woman #4: Friend of a friend of mine that I've been talking to for two years. Likes me quite a bit, but within the past year, moved to Florida. Also, she's younger than me by a bit. We have interesting and entertaining conversations, and we share several interests, but the age gap is questionable, and she won't be able to come back to our home state until she finishes college, which is a few years from now. Oh, and she's presently involved, too.

Woman #5: Friend of mine that I met recently, through another of my hobbies. Wonderful woman, smart, funny, gorgeous, and says she'd love to date me. Shares all of my common interests, loves the same authors I do, same music I do, we are incredibly compatible. Three problems: 1. It's hard to get her to open up in conversations, but when she sends me E-mails and such, she can't shut up. 2. Involved with someone else, who she's been breaking up and making up with for a while, and 3. Lives an hour away until SHE graduates college.

Sound screwed up enough?

So, Chris, help me out here. What should I do with this? I could use the advice.


Well, let’s break it down by the girl:

Woman #1 still loves you, or has fallen in love with you. You are aware of this, yes? She figures that you’ll come to your senses soon enough and date her again. She’s just biding her time, waiting for the moment to tell you that it’s high time the two of you hook back up. She’s probably taking her time because some part of her is painfully aware that you’re not that interested, and she’d rather put off the inevitable heartbreak that you’ll give her until she just can’t take it anymore. I would slowly start distancing yourself away from her, until she’s just a memory. Either that or you’re in for one HELL of a bad conversation.

Woman #2 you enjoy her company, but you don’t have much in the way of actual feelings toward her. I know this by the way you practically blew her off in describing her to me. She’s only on your radar because she’d be the vital third in a little three-way romp her and her friend would like to have with you, but dude, you practically dismissed her in this e-mail. She means nothing to you. 

Woman #3 you actually DO like, but she’s got two kids with A THIRD ON THE WAY… do you actually WANT to get into a relationship with a chick with THREE KIDS, one of whom HASN’T EVEN BEEN BORN YET!! And are we talking about having a three-way with her WITH A BUN IN THE OVEN?? 

Look, #3’s life will be 99% devoted to raising her kids, unless, of course, she is a total asshole… and plus if her husband/boyfriend is of ANY sort of substance, he’ll be actively involved with their lives too, which means he’ll be involved with HER life… which means EVEN if you want to see her on the side for a little rendevous every so often… you won’t get too many of them. I STRONGLY urge you run… not walk… away… get far away from this disaster… #3 isn’t even an option for you… she shouldn’t even be a wistful fantasy… RUN, you bastard… like the wind.

Woman #4: Now, I know the lure of young fluff is IRRESISTIBLE to old farts like you and Flea, but she’s gonna do her college thing, meet a lot of new people, experiment with stuff, and probably find some semblance of love. You are more than welcome to wait for her, but it’s not fair to even try to leash her up during the best part of her life… even if she cared enough about you to try to stay faithful. I’d let this one go, but stay in touch. They say if you let a dove go and she comes back to you, she’s yours forever. I’m not sure how true that is, but it’s always nice to have something to maybe look forward too. That’s coming from personal experience (Hi kid! How are ya?)

None of these chicks you describe seem worthwhile, but I think we both know who you should go after… after all, you DID save her for last.

Woman #5 is an hour away (You’re not Scott Keith, are you? You DO have a car, right?) you relate to her on a LOT of levels, and what, she doesn’t open up except in e-mails which she no doubt labors over? That just means she’s nervous around you. That’ll go away soon enough and then she’ll NEVER stop yapping.

So go for #5… if these are the 5 you have to pick from… but I think you knew that, didn’t you?

As for the boyfriend? Hmm… that’s tricky. Girls are strange. They keep the boyfriend around for the comfort level. Unlike guys, girls get really, REALLY down on themselves (and girls can never be accused of having the best esteem possible to begin with) if they don’t have someone they call a mate… even if they don’t really LIKE the guy, they’ll keep him around and STAY LOYAL to him. You could be going through all this wondering for naught. If she keeps taking the BF back, then she loves him… if she loves him, then you’re screwed. 

But, if these are your options, 5 is your best bet.

Oh, but by all means, TAP THAT THREE WAY… try to do it with the girl being like 8 months and two weeks pregnant… OH, how kinky would THAT be? Oh man… 

I want more and more questions… you bastards… I’ll answer EVERYTHING and… and… and YOU WILL LEARN AT MY FEET!!


Included are 411 reviews (where applicable)… because the 411 Movie Zone needs some luv!: 

1) Kill Bill Volume 2: $25.5 million opening weekend. I have decided that I do not care much for Uma Thurman. Her diction is too enunciated… as if she spent her whole life in the Private/Ivy League school system to pull off this tytpe of roll. Plus she’s waaaay too skinny and gaunt for my taste. But the movie kicked some major ass and it proved, once again, that ONLY Quentin Tarantino knows what to do with Michael Madsen. 

In the end, I think I would have preferred to see Warren Beatty in the role of “Bill” as opposed to David Carradine…. Because who WOULDN’T like to see that self-involved waaay-too-lucky-in-life Beatty killed?

2) The Punisher: 14 million opening weekend. This flick was SAVAGED by critics (more on that later), but I REFUSED to see it because I am calling for a MASSIVE boycott of ANY comic book movie starring Rebecca Romaine (soon to be ex)Stamos. Why the FUCK does she have to be in all these comic book movies… WHY IS SHE WORKING?????

In the movie, she says: “When your memories are bad, make new ones”… well, I’m dying for the opportunity to make a few new memories when I can GO TO A FUCKING FILM AND NOT SEE HER OVER-RATED SKANKY SKINNY ASS, OKAY??? HOW ABOUT THAT NEW MEMORY???? 

I’d love to bang her, tho’

3) Johnson Family Vacation: $6.4 million ($21.4 million total) I didn’t even know this movie had opened. I don’t watch much UPN or BET.

You mean to tell me that in this flick a proud African family load up the wagon and drive from L.A. to Missouri and don’t get pulled over ONCE?? Lord, this means sensitive white guys wrote this script.

4) Hellboy:

$5.7 million ($53 million total). You know all that stuff I said about Rebecca Romaine Stamos? The same goes double for Ron Perelman… why does HE get to work? I’ve seen hunks of wood with more range? David Hasselhoff looks at Ron Perelman and says, “Damn Ni**a - take a fucking acting class, B!

5) Home On The Range: $5.4 million ($37.6 million total). I’m telling ya’, one day you’ll tell your grandkids about the time a Disney cartoon of Micky Mouse eating a hunk of cheese for 5 minutes was enough to gross $400 million worldwide… and your grandkids will roll their eyes at you and say, “How did you people ever LIVE without jet skates and holographic porn, Grandpaw? and by GOD, will you feel obsolete… 

In other movie news: They spent more money promoting Walking Tall than it has made so far (36.6 million). Well, okay, maybe not THAT much… but they did spend a ton… and the poor Rock was so hellbent on promoting it that he even talked to goddam 411MANIA!!! .

This now means the last TWO Rock movies had disappointed… not good for the next big action star.

What the Rock needs is a mind-blowing, tear the roof off the dump, popcorn munching, eardrum rupturing, summer blow-out action Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer action-fest on the level of the second Terminator or anything Die Hardish… he needs to make a frickin’ IMPACT on screen… he needs to take the audience by the balls and say, “You sit there, asshole and watch me blow you away!!” He needs to take command.

Brother needs a new agent…. or a better script reader.

In MORE other news, The Girl Next Door was also butt-raped by reviewers and tanked out… damn shame, there was so much POTENTIAL there.

It’s almost over… the Affleck Superstar Career is almost gone… sit tight, kids… he’s almost doing dinner theater.


I, for one, am so sick and tired of HHH bashing that I have decided on this, a brand new, ongoing gimmick.

Every week, I shall list one good thing Triple H has done that makes him a much better person than YOU, John Q. Cocksucker, who has never done anything for anyone… and probably !!

Triple H Is Better Than You Because… 

Ric Flair would be jerking the curtain on HEAT if it weren’t for Hunter!


And now… just to REALLY piss you off…


I, for one, am so sick and tired of HHH “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash bashing that I have decided on this, a brand new, ongoing gimmick.

Every week, I shall list one good thing Triple H Kevin Nash has done that makes him a much better person than YOU, John Q. Cocksucker, who has never done anything for anyone… and probably !!

Triple H Kevin Nash Is Better Than You Because… 

Critics agree: Nash’s brief appearance in The Punisher is the ONLY thing fun, interesting, and worth watching about that flick… and he probably stuck his Big Daddy Tool RIGHT up Rebecca Romaine Stamos’s bootyhole too!!! DEAL WITH IT, INBREDS!!



Why… FLEA does! 

He has a subscription… so I asked him for an IN-DEPTH review of the ONE Newsletter that all of you dumb motherless fucks consider the BIBLE of professional wrestling:

Me: You get the Observer, don’t you?

Flea: Yup.

Me: Is it any good?

Flea: It’s maybe the most poorly written thing I’ve ever paid for.

Me: Really?

Flea: Meltzer can’t write to save his life. He reports news just fine, but he sucks as a writer!

Me: Wow.

Flea: 3rd grade level.

Me: He keeps screaming about how every Observer is about the size of a small book. That true?

Flea: Well, there are a lot of words in them.

Me: So he does stuff a lot of news in there.

Flea: Yeah, but half of them are typos.

And there it is… Meltzer, your hero… the GOD-CHILD by which marks like you would KILL EVERY SINGLE JEW who tried to put him on the cross. The MESSIAH who’s every single SYLLABLE you cream your pants about like a fuckin’ high school chick…. You’re DADDY can’t write.

Typos… you sheep… all of you…. To ready to settle for MEDIOCRITY… 

Still, Meltzer gets to laugh at wannabes like Scherer and, to a lesser extent, Keller… and he’d laugh at me too, if he knew who I was… which he probably doesn’t.

I’ll piss on ALL OF their graves! ESPECIALLY yours! Yeah, you… 


I can never have too many of these, and the well is always threatening to run dry. 

1) Would you care to join us in the sport of kings? 

We're gonna race horses? 

We're gonna play poker. 

That's not the sport of kings. 

What's poker the sport of? 

People who play poker.- Sports Night

2) Hold it El Guapo! Or I'll fill you so full of lead you'll be using your dick for a pencil!" 

WHAT do you MEAN? 

I don't know.- Three Amigos

3) Hey Tiny, who's playing today?

Jolly Green Giants and the Shitty Beatles.

Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?

They suck! 

Then it's not just a clever name.- Wayne's World

4) Kill everyone now! Condone first-degree murder! Advocate cannibalism! Eat shit! Filth are my politics, filth is my life!- Pink Flamingos

5) Have you ever had a prostate exam?

Are you kidding? I don't let anyone wag their finger in my FACE.- The Sopranos

6) So Janie, how was school?

It was OK!

Just OK?!

No Dad, it was spectacular.- American Beauty

7) Do you think masturbation is a sin?

Depends where you other hand is!- Illuminata

8) So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life.- Office Space

9) Shit!





Shit!- The Blues Brothers

10) What are your qualifications?

Rape, murder, arson and rape.

You said rape twice. 

(shrugs shoulders)I like rape.- Blazing Saddles

11) The drivers can't stand to be reminded of what can happen to 'em in a racecar. They, they don't go to hospitals, they don't go to funerals. You get a driver to a funeral before he's actually dead, you've made history, darlin'.- Days of Thunder

12) Horses are fascinating animals. Dumb as fenceposts but very intuitive. In that way they're not too different from high school girls: they may not have a brain in their head but they do know all the boys want to fuck 'em.- Crimson Tide

And who do you think is responsible for that one quote? Hmmm?

I’ll give you a hint… his UNOFFICIAL Middle name is… “The Fuck”!!

Are you thinking, Robert, “The Fuck” DeNiro? Nooooo

Joe “The Fuck” Pesci? NOOOOOOO (whatever happened to that clown anyway?)

Dwayne “The Fuck” Johnson?? Noooooooo

Marlon “The Fuck” Brando? NOOOOOOOOO

Maybe…. Juuuuust maybe…. Gene “The Fuck” Hackman??? Maybe? POSSIBLY????? 


We done yet? Well… not exactly… see, I thought it might be fun to go home… or TAKE it home, with a little re-visit from an old friend whom we haven’t seen here in a while… curious?


Wait for it…



I used to make this a feature here… because the Honky Tonk offered amusing, no-bullshit opinions from the man himself.

Then he sort of fizzled out and stopped posting with any degree of regularity… and he made his site a pay site, then when no one paid, he switched back to free… and still hasn’t done much opinionating.

But once in a while… every so often, Honky lets her rip… such as here. Someone wrote and asked him an innocent question about Ric Flair… the Nature Boy… the one NO SELF-RESPECTING MARK SHOULD HAVE ANY NERVE IN BADMOUTHING…

And Honky lets it rip:

“Dear HTM,

Since you are a wrestler, you seem to be a natural choice for me to direct this question to. I have been watching wrestling since I was born, and have seen many great skilled and entertaining athletes. I predominately grew up watching the WWF but I occasionally watched the NWA (and later the WCW). During this time period the Apter mags and later on several internet sources have been screaming how great Flair is and how great a technical wrestler he is.

I have seen older Ric Flair matches and was not impressed at all, so I figured I would buy his new three disc DVD to see if I perhaps was missing something. Sadly, I am now out $25 dollars, and my opinion has stayed the same. He is far from a great wrestler. How is he a technical wizard? Through most of his matches he is constantly chopping his opponents, as opposed to punching them. Does this qualify as great technical wrestling? I have seen my baby cousin fall down and take harder bumps than him, and she found no reason to do a blade job.

His talked about cage match with Harley Race from Starcade is on the DVD, and I was disappointed with that as well. Many internet sites scream about how great the finish of the match was, when Ric Flair did a flying body press on Harley Race. It looked like he screwed it up since he did not land directly on Race and it looked like he just kind of knocked him over. Vince McMahon would fire or have long talk with one of his wrestlers if a finish like that was botched. His best move on the DVD is when he hip tossed Rick Steamboat in one of their matches, but is was not good because Ric executed it right, rather because Rick Steamboat sold it like he had been shot.

I know I am not the only person who feels that Ric Flair is overrated. Bret Hart even said after he beat Flair for his first WWF world title, that he was disappointed with Flair. This is likely because he has had much better matches with true technical wrestlers before this like Shawn Michaels, Mike Rotundo, and Rick Martell. I know I am slamming his legacy with this email, but I will leave you with this question for you to ponder: Since the NWA was nowhere near as popular as the WWF in the 1980's, how many wrestling fans think Ric Flair is a great wrestler because they have witnessed his matches, compared to those that think Ric Flair is a great wrestler because some internet Smark site said he was a great wrestler.


Thank you for those fine comments and wise insight. I could not have said it any better than you have just written. Flair has always been able to get the wrestling mags, bookers, and promoters to think he was something special in and out of the ring. All his matches are the same from the walk down the aisle until he leaves the ring.

Flair could not carry Harley Race's jock strap nor could he come close to working like the Funks, Jack Brisco, or Nick Bockwinkle. Flair had a free ride from the Crocketts' bookers. Ole Anderson, George Scott, and even the over inflated ego Dusty Rhodes were some of the people who pushed Flair when there was much better talent on hand. Why WWE keeps him around is beyond me. He is dog shit as far as I am concerned.

Whooooo where are we partying tonight Arn?

Till we meet again,


Dog shit! DOGSHIT!!

The Nature Boy?

Wow… I still haven’t decided if the HTM is calculated or delusional… and I probably never will… only because I’m not exactly devoting major brain power to it… oh God no.

One thing I HAVE decided is that this show is over… I’m gone.

Tune in for the Thursday MidNews… I’ll have wrestling quotes, the FULL story on April Hunter and her boyfriend…(and MAN, are they a pair), I’ll goof HUGE on the Torch (got someVince McMahon says that he’ll be back, some news and gossip about PORN and whatever happened to…. Oh, why ruin the surprise!

That is… IF I get it out… it’s a busy week for me… I’ll do whatever I can to get it out… figure it’s about a 75% chance!

Problem? Too bad! Deal with it, mark-boy… you ain’t paying my bills!

This is Hyatte