The Midnight News

Howdy Jizzholes, I'm Chris and this is the Midnight News. I've got a very busy week ahead for me and have no time for chit chat, so let's just jump into things


I'm not proud of that title. AND IT TOOK ME TEN MINUTES TO COME UP WITH IT.

So yeah, it's really nice of the WWE to haul the entire Raw crew to Afghanistan to entertain the troops. I mean, sure it's a huge PR/photo-op move (and for Chrissakes they NEED some of that these days)... but kudos to Vince for doing it. It's a nice thing. Some of those guys have been overseas for years now.

And its obvious that a good chunk of the Superstars are happy to go. Absolutely! They have a gift, they have a unique opportunity to show their appreciation to the troops and are delighted to give it to them. Awesome.

But... man... you gotta think a bunch of these Superstars would've preferred to have their week off. I mean, they're human... and banged up... and still a little worn from their recent European trip. They could use a better rest.

And some of those Canadian Superstars, you gotta think, could care less about American troops. It's not their war, after all.

But oh well... gotta keep the bosses happy. And I'm sure many of them looked at the bright side. We have record low temperatures throughout most of America (and Canada) this month... alrteady a few nasty snowstorms have torn through most of the country. It's fucking COLD out here, jack! At LEAST... at the very LEAST they are going to perform for the troops on Afghanistan! In the desert. Lots of sunshine. They'll get to work on their tans. At least it'll be WARM!!

HAHAHAHA... 30 degrees. The fucking desert was 30 degrees. The fucking DESERT.

So... not only did they have to fly for 56 hours straight... not only did they have to search high and low for enough soldiers who actually recognized them (not everone in the world is a wrestling fan, mark boy... some soldiers prefer to watch Monday Night Football), not only did they have to sign 14000 autographs and smile a million times for a million cameras, not only did they have to sleep on wooden slats with chintzy pillows and prison-type mattresses and eat rations...


I tell ya'... God has a funny sense of humor. And an AWSOME sense of irony.

But if it made a few soldiers happy... that's really what its all about.

Freezing in the desert... come ON, Vince... send them out there in May or something... who cares if it's Christmas or not. Give your people a goddamn break.


Oh great, another TNA PPV. They do one a month, you know. Why? Because you canNOT be taken seriously as a major league alternative promotion without bumrushing 12 PPVs a year. VINCE does 12 PPVs a year! Hell, he does 15! TNA is JUST as good as the WWE! They have Jeff Jarrett!

Oh I didn't buy it... for a variety of reasons... first and foremost being Sunday was the final episode of Survivor... and the moment where the Jury gets to bitch at the final two is ALWAYS a hoot! (The Reunion episode that follows always blows, however)

Why ELSE did I decide to pay my good money to see it? Well, let's burn through the matches and I'll offer a reason why nothing there was worth my hard earned money...

Reason Number 2: I don't care about Sabu, I don't like Abyss. However, I don't like Abyss in the "he ain't no monster and he's ripping off two major gimmicks at once" sense, not in the "I hate him so much I want to see him get torn up in barbed wire" sense. I would'a paid to see Jim Mitchell get his gay hair yanked out by the barbed wire, but that wasn't happening. Plus barbed wire matches are SO last decade. (Sabu won)

Reason Number 3: The X-Divsion guys who all look alike put on a match with interchangeable spots. CHARACTERS, DAMN YOU... I WANT CHARACTERS. (One of them won in a 6 man. Your guess is as good as mine as to whom)

Reason Number 4: Any promotion that is slow-burning and carefully building to an inevitable Raven/Larry Zbyszko match does NOT deserve my money or YOURS... who's clamoring for a Larry Zbyszko comeback, FOR CHRISSAKES???? (Raven beat Chris K((anyon)), who is still one ugly mutt)

Reason Number 5: There is nothing about Kip James that's likeable. His workrate sucks, he's boring, he couldn't pop a crowd if he started throwing them $100 dollar bills, and he hasn't been motivated to do more than phone it in since the DX days. Road Dog should've been thrown out of the business 10 years ago, Konan smells like stale eggs, and MC Killings should be breakdancing in the unemployment line. And Team Canada was a better gimmick when Bret Hart was running it in a different company with different faces almost ten years ago. (Konan turned on James and gave the Canucks a win)

Reason Number 6: Heenan is the next to go and I just don't want to watch him in the shape he's in... and who the hell wants to hear that? Who in their right minds thought bringing back "The Kiss Demon" from WCW was a good idea and the only player from the 2005 World Series anyone cares about is Roger Clemens. And Simon Diamond let some douchebag knock up his woman. (The team with the Demon won)

Reason Number 7: I'm willing to give McMahon the benefit of the doubt and say that Christian cage has to PROVE to me that he's worthy of justifying a PPV bill before I pay for him. Monty Brown seems to be the type to flake out on TNA any second, too. (Christian won)

Reason Number 8: Let's face it, the Dudleys were getting boring to watch. (They won)

Reason Number 9: AJ Styles and Samoa Joe put on the match of THE YEAR... until next month when they book another match between these two and Chris Daniels or any combination of the three. Out of SPITE for the collective creaming many of you fags blow from these guys, I refuse to order. I'm taking a stand. Samoa Joe isn't the greatest wrestler alive. NO HE IS NOT! NO NO NO NO. (Joe is the new X-champ)

Oh okay, there is no reason why I shouldn't watch this match... but NO single match is worth $30. No, you losers. NO. Save your money. Please. There is so much in life to spend it on. So much beauty.

Reason Number 10: Jeff Jarrett (who by many reports now has Dixie Carter's ear all to himself) decided to follow up the MATCH OF THE YEAR (#24555) with his title defense... against Rhino... because those X-Division kids are great and all, but TNA is about STAR POWER... and FORMER WWE STARS... and NAME BRANDS... and by God, Jeff Jarrett is the biggest name they HAVE!!

Unfortunately, it's going to take more than a handful of "up close and personal" videos to make people forget that Rhyno bombed in the WWE... badly. he needs a LOT more career rehab before anyone buys the TNA PPV because they want to see him win the belt. (And he didn't. Jarrett won)

Reason Number 11: Did anyone REALLY miss Sting? He's got about 5 or 6 "dream matches" that could make him a lot of money, but none of them can be found in the TNA roster.

I really should give TNA a more fair chance... an honest shake. I really should orfder one of their PPVs... JUST NOT THIS ONE!! NO FAIR SHAKES THIS WEEK!!

When they give up a PPV card that I like from top to bottom, THEN I'll order it.

Oh and AJ Styles is NOT the "Face of TNA:, Jeff Jarrett is... David Sahaddaheedeehoho LIED to us!!!


I don't know, for a guy whom I've never seen wrestle, this CM Punk dude fascinates me.

First of all, I don't buy for a second that he's totally adhering to the "Straight Edge" mandate of "No drink, No drugs, no random sex". The drinking... okay, maybe not. The drugs... heh, wait until he's on the WWE road tour for a while and those steroid free muscles start howling at him. The random sex... oh he's fucking around. He's young, toned, and handsome. He's getting laid without knowing last names. Bullshit he ain't.

But what really interests me is the fact that out of EVERY SINGLE lamo working with a WWE development deal, he is the one who seems to be up against tremendous odds. According to everyone, he's got charisma. Talent to spare, and has high praise from major respected vets like Mick Foley and Harley Race. He is a master at working the crowd, cuts killer promos, knows how to tell a story, and can sell, sell, sell! From all reports, he is the next Superstar... possibly on par with Shawn Michaels.

And yet... from what I'm getting he's lucky to have made it this far... and there are people in the WWE, higher up people, who are looking forward to completely fucking his career up.

Here's what I know:

FACT: In 2003, Punk joined TNA while working for ROH. After doing some pissing and moaning about how he was used, and then getting into a fight with Teddy Hart, TNA decided not to use him. He continued to get paid by them while still regularly working for Ring of Honor. Having a rep as a trouble-maker is never good, or else Teddy Hart would be in the WWE right now.

FACT: In early 2004, Rob Feinstein was caught being up to no good. TNA was so OUTRAGED that they banned their workers from working with ROH. Punk told them to go screw and stayed. This probably works in his favor with the WWE, but not by much.

FACT: Spent 2004 having 5 star matches with Samoa Joe. No one saw these matches except those in the business and asshole marks who spend all their money on obscure DVDs.

FACT: In 2004, worked a dark match for the WWE. Witnesses say that Triple H and Shawn Michaels watched him and both said he sucked and wouldn't make it in the WWE.

FACT: In 2004, when Feinstein and Gabe Saplosky were having a messy break-up, CM Punk, who was Gabe's right hand guy and biggest supporter, openly mocked Feinstein, going so far as to wear a "Perverted Justice" T-shirt at a ROH show.

FACT: Feinstein was and still is tight with Tommy Dreamer, who is a major figure in the WWE's scouting department.

FACT: Dreamer made sure Punk didn't get offered a WWE development contract in 2004. Dreamer doesn't like people who kick his friends when they are down.

FACT: Jim Cornette used to run OVW and did so right up until Summer 2005.

FACT: One of Cornette's last acts was to convince WWE that Punk should get a shot.

FACT: In June 2005, Punk accepted a WWE contract.

FACT: Cornette was fired not too long after, but his firing doesn't seem to be because he brought Punk in.

FACT: Paul Heyman came in and Heyman knows gold when he saw it. He started writing Punk into the OVW storylines.

FACT: In his first match out Punk worked his style of rasslin' and promptly shattered his nose.

FACT: Punk came back and within a few weeks, is the OVW TV champion.

FACT: Punk is getting over, right now, as we speak...

FACT: People in the Big Time love to carry grudges.

So, you put all this together and what do you get? Well, a few theories come to mind:

THEORY ONE: He will get called up, will get a very small... a SLIVER of an opportunity, and when he makes one fuck up, he'll be screwed.

THEORY TWO: They are setting him up. They'll bring him to WWE, put him on Smackdown, make him job to EVERYONE, kill his career, and book him so nothing that makes him, him will get to shine. He's the WWE Lab rat, they're gonna make him dance before burying him forever.

THEORY THREE: He'll go up against these crazy odds, make it work, and despite all he will be able to do the one thing that supercedes all the baggage and trouble that he brings with him: He'll make Vince McMahon money. He'll be a draw.

THEORY FOUR: He'll come in, work a while, stay nicely ensconced in the mid-card, get his ass ripped by Bob Holly on a nightly basis, learn to love Soma, and fuck every Diva the company has... in this order: Candice, Stacey, Melina, Sharmell, Victorie, Ashley, Trish, Maria, Torrie, and finally Stephanie (revenge fuck) before being let go.

THEORY FIVE: He comes in and lasts a good four years because Patterson takes a shine to him and... well... you gotta do what you gotta do, yo.

So the question is... how good is CM Punk? Something tells me he better be beyond good... he better be "Austin" good, "Rock" good, "HBK" good. If what I hear is even REMOTELY true... this kid better be transcendent... he better be great...

Because there are people in the WWE, high-end people, who have plans for him. Who will be watching him very carefully... and they'll be waiting.

This is going to be good.


I, for one, am so sick and tired of HHH bashing. The net is jammed packed with it, non-stop.

But here at DOI, youngsters with a gleam in their eye and a PASSION for landing on their heads and laying pipe on every rat they can get
their hands always come here for the latest news and gossip. It is these young rasslers who need to know. Triple H isn't to be hated. Triple H is to be WORSHIPPED. And here is one of the many, MANY reasons why...

Triple H Is Better Than You Because...

He knows how to sweet talk his way out of the doghouse after getting caught with an energetic red-head.


Ahhh rumors are flying...


*The IRS employees tax manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.*

And just like that, you're smarter than you were three seconds ago

Hyatte LIVES to inform.

HA! For some reason I find that hilarious. HAHAHAHAHAAA... oh if only I lived on the tenth floor.


Whenever we talk, I can always count on Flea to give his opinions on just about anything.

So, I decided to grab a pen and paper and start jotting down his thoughts. Everyone likes Flea.

The following is 100% true... more or less:



Worst thing in the world to make you sober

Flea, who has four phone lines. I'm the closest thing he has to a brother and I only know two of them.


This has nothing to do with nothing... but I'm amused by my assholic wit, so here it is...
The following just happened a few hours ago. It’s all true:

OKCCC Grad: You know any good sites with wrestling babes?
Hyatte1com: sure

OKCCC Grad: Grad: Have any addies?
Hyatte1com: sure

OKCCC Grad: Grad: Can I have them?
Hyatte1com: no

OKCCC Grad: You suck ass, clown.
Hyatte1com: ha!

That’s it. And finally...


This is a popular segment. Everyone enjoys it.

What I do is once in a great while I scour several message boards and pull up interesting quotes and post them. Once someone griped that I suck because I don't give CREDIT to the material posted... to which I say Hey dickface, message board postings are NOT "material"! Gah, whatta bunch of meatballs.

Anyway, I went to 6 different boards for these... and I ain't saying which ones. Fuck them and fuck you. You all use made up names anyway... and usually they are gay names like "Moses Quick". You're all fronting... all playing a tough guy. You get no credit from me. Besides, this is supposed to be an overview of what you marks are yacking about on any given week... and OVERVIEW of what rasslin' fans are talking about. It works better if it's anonymous.

One sad note is that over at my old place, I used posts from here at DOI to spice things up. But since if you're reading this you're probably already checking out their message board... there is no point. And since Goodman's UXF board is usually the same posts, I can't go there either.

Still, I found some good stuff here. Remember, this is what YOU and your PEERS are talking about... THIS is what's on the minds of WRESTLING FANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD... have fun... have fun and LEARN:

"The casual fans are what matter in the business, not the 100,000 hardcore fans on the internet."

"You know, for weeks, I have pondering over why I haven't fully enjoyed wrestling in awhile. Now we can argue that the slower-paced style and the writing of the WWE has gone down the toilet. We can claim all the X-Division guys look alike and if you seen one flippy-flop match, you've seen them all. But that's not it. I've been coming to this site for a while now as a reader and for years, I scoured the internet looking up information, spoilers, and basically letting myself behind the curtain of professional wrestling. The surprise is gone! Think of all the things we would of enjoyed so much more if it weren't for this site and the internet in general. The internet and this website have given us way too much information that we now know what to expect. I believe if there was no internet, kayfabe would still be alive today. We've ruined wrestling for ourselves. I just wish I could sit in the stands at a WWE event and mark out like everyone else instead of critiquing every move and looking for that workrate classic. I want to be surprised again like I was when the N.W.O. formed in WCW. I want to be surprised again when two major babyfaces like Hogan and Warrior face off at Wrestlemania 6. The element of surprise is still there in wrestling and it might take awhile to get that back. So from now on, I'm staying away from the internet sheets and I want to enjoy wrestling again. I don't care if Triple H is banging Vince's daughter and I don't care if JBL is banging green rookies in the shower. I want wrestling, dammit! So to you guys, it has been great reading your posts and to all, I wish you well. Take care."

"You only have 2 posts"

"Why is it called a roundhouse kick? I see no round houses involved in such a move. In fact, I doubt there is such a thing as a round house."

"Instead of giving me lottery tickets this year at Christmas my parents buyed for me some shares of the wwe. Yes i now own a piece of the company. I have a nice certificate done by wwe which show i am a share holder."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Dude, you're fucked. I bought stock the second day the IPO went out. I bought 20 shares at $25 a share. I sold it in exactly half of what it was worth when I bought it (12.50). I put $500 in...I got $250 out. So Vince McMahon more or less fucked me out of $250. They give you a dividend check every six months though...I appreciate that $1.25 - $2.40 a check they give me. Just look at it as a bright shiny piece of paper."

"Clearly Jake Roberts is a good person to take advice on life and decision making from."

"And yes, the hottest will always be Trish I think. She's just... fucking unreal. I don't even get too hot and bothered over blondes but she is ridiculous. That ass is Holy food or something."

"Damn i can't stand TRISH...i find Mickie 100% hotter."

"That reminds me of a classic Jim Ross line from a few years ago during the Austin/Vince feud. Austin was raising some kind of hell in the ring, and Jerry Lawler said on commentary, 'Mr. McMahon's gonna have a heart attack!' Without missing a beat, Ross replies, 'That's impossible.'"

"Mick Foley's act is so tired and unfunny now. I think he's a guy who seems out of place, as much as anyone else today."

"Sting isn't better to build around than Jeff Jarrett. As god awful as Jarrett is, he is still an active wrestler. Sting is a 51 year old, retired, start of years past. He's had an overrated career, where his gimmick carried him in its final years."

"Well, chances are that he's probably reading this. YOU SUCK, HHH!!! I HATE HATE HATE YOU!"

"Triple H will release a sex tape in an attempt to get over with internet fans."

"Beats chronic masturbation, homosexual activites in highway rest areas and Rogaine, with monoxodil. You know, white people stuff."

"I'll have you know that WARRIOR currently enjoys a very successful career as an anti-queering motivational speaker."

"Can a hand signal be trademarked? I'd like to see a streetfight between Jay-z and DDP. DDP will land one punch then get capped."

"You guys should know that six years ago tomorrow (12/12/99) the McMahon-Helmsley Era began at Armageddon. Tomorrow night is a Raw night and with no general manager could we see the beginning of the second McMahon-Helmsley era on the anniversary? An intersting little tidbit I thought."

"Mark my words... one day I will give Mickie a dose of Vitamin Semen."

"I'm not a fan of wresters losing work, but Siaki wasn't that good."

"It's awesome how [CM Punk] hates strippers and hookers, but he'll bang any rat that comes down the pike and cheat on any girlfriend to do it."

"You CANNOT go wrong with Doug Furnas and Dan Kroffat."

"Are TNA fans really this delusional? Is there ANYBODY that they WOULDN'T nut in their pants for if TNA brought them in? 'OMG, Duke Droese is coming to feud with Jeff Jarrett!!! The Garbageman was the shit back in the day!!' 'No way, dude, I'm more excited that Macaulay Culkin is coming in to feud with Samoa Joe. Little Mac don't play!!' Come on, guys.. Sting? I don't give a shit if he was your favorite wrestler or not. If they brought him in 30 years from now to wrestle, are you still gonna be happy with the decision because Sting was your favorite wrestler? I don't even smoke weed, but I really wanna try some of the shit you guys are trippin on."

"Do non TNA fans really have that big a stick up their collective asses? Sting is one of the top stars if not the top star of his generation. If not Sting then who the hell should we get excited over? Somoa Joe who dispite having loads of potential hasen't done jack shit on a national level? If your not a TNA fan why do you give a shit anyways? If you don't want to see Sting wrestle then don't watch but I belive deep down in your soul you will watch."

"It was actually me, personally, who ruined wrestling. I'm really sorry I did. I thought I knew what I was doing, but nope: ruined it. Again, my apologies."

"All I know is that The GhettoBlaster owned all."

"Stop whining; I can't stand smarks like you who think Triple H is nothing more than an undeserving Barry Horowitz. I want you to sit here, instead of blabbing how Triple H didn't deserve anything, I want you to talk about what you would have done differently. Give your reasons and state it how it would have worked. Sorry, but Ultimo Dragon nor Yoshihiro Tajiri aren't going to light the box offices on fire."

"please never say 'smarks' again. Frankly it's just embarrassing."

"The fans loved Eddy because he got his GED for his mamacita."

"Cena being booed against heels JBL and Kurt Angle when he is being pushed as the babyface champion isn't good, but fueling the fire by having Cena act on the command of tyrannic owner Mr McMahon by FUing Bischoff just highlighted the side of Cena that people don't really like. He's a sellout bitch."

"Anyone who loved the Shawn/HHH hell in the cell that was 94 minutes long and was just about the worst PPV main event I've ever seen in my life, is someone I can't ever respect. I just can't think of a match I hated more, a copious mass of ego, a narrative mess turgid with the liquid shittiness of its deluded participants. They bladed, and lay down for damn near a friggin' hour. God Jesus that sucked."

"Wait a minute. On Monday, Tajiri appears in a scripted sketch in which he complains that he used to be a big star but WWE has totally jobbed him out. (Later, on the same show, he ... gets totally jobbed out.) On Thursday, he asks for his release. Did WWE's writers make Tajiri realize how much his career sucks?"

"I'm sure we'll see Tajiri covered in poop for his final appearance."

"Kennedy is here to stay. His story is a long one, but suffice to say, yes, his gimmick is of a wrestler who has paid his dues, but has never gotten the recognition for it. So he has now decided to take things into his own hands, when necessary!"

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm marking the fuck out like a 10 year old. I could care less if Sting has gotten worse in the ring, just the fact that I'll be able to see my favorite wrestler of all-time again on my TV screen has me pumped up."

"What I found infinitely more interesting is that not only did DDP write a Yoga book, but freaking Rob Zombie wrote the forward for it. Talk about the completely emasculation of my early adolescence..."

"Vince would absolutely exploit Linda's death, or anyone else's in the family. That's because he has no heart. We've seen plenty of evidence to support that, over the years. I first realized it the night he reported Brian Pillman's death, from the commentary table. It was clear that he was only pretending to be effected, emotionally. Then, on the Raw that followed, he coldly exploited Pillman's wife, with a line of questioning that made my jaw drop. I don't think he feels anything for anyone. He goes out of his way to take care of some people who have really taken care of his family, in the past. But, that's just basic carny, 101. It's part of business."

"And you know Sting will eventually find a way to bring Sexy Lexy with him. He'll convince Dixie Carter to break him out of jail or something. Guys like Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and other mid to low carders with ass loads of potential are going to see themselves pushed even lower down the card just so 46 year old Sting who looked like garbage during his run last year and a couple years back when Russo and S.E.X were still around but just about on the way out."

"My dad anally raped me last Christmas, my present was that he used lubricant. I hate the holidays."

"I agree with what Bret Hart said a few months ago. A.J. Styles is the best wrestler in the business right now, period. Even better than Benoit."

"Yeah, [Dixie Carter's] ok to look at, but she's not that great once you get her home. Oh sure, a few tequillas and she's 450 splashin' all over your dick, but she gets bitchy as all fuck afterwards, plus Jarrett wouldn't quit calling....."

"Jarrett isn't look at as a main eventer. If Vince McMahon wore the WWE title for 5 years would you think he's legit. NO, because you know he's the boss and you know why he has the belt. Jarrett sucks and everyone knows it. As far as you thinking this puts TNA over the top...over the top of what? More starpower than Smackdown? Don't be such a fool. TNA's roster can't even match the weaker half of WWE's in terms of star power. Name 5 wrestlers in TNA that havn't worked for Vince in the last 10 years that the "mainstream fans" you are catering to know. Besides a dumbfounded looked and titled heads, you won't get much of a response when talking about AJ Styles, Petey Williams, Samoa Joe, Daniels, Sabin to a fan who hasn't watched wrestling since Austin was the champion. Over the top my ass, over the hill...yes, over the hill. This doesn't help TNA the way any of you think it will."

"Perhaps Siaki could be the Rock's stunt double in movies, or even play the Rock's roles (or roles similar to his) in direct-to-video sequels to Rock's older movies, where the budget would be too low to afford him. You know, like in the sequels to The Substitute, where they had to settle for Treat Williams instead of Tom Berenger."

"Stick to Chuck Norris rants and posting pics of yourself in angel costumes, it's what your good at."

"The only thing I hate about WWE tag matches is that every single one of them is based around the hot tag. That's a feature of a tag match, yes, but it doesn't need to be the basis for every single tag team match."

"Shut the fuck up! I am a wrestler and I will kill you all if you do not shut up!"

"Go put a cyber suicide note on your MySpace page already and do away with yourself."

"Lita also has a tat on the inside of her asshole that says 'El Dandy was here, I La Magistraled her ass cherry, fuck you Matt Hardy, shave, you are not Arn Anderson, you look like a dumbass with a tuft of stomach hair, also, Punk, wear a condom, nobody has freckles on their ass'"

"See Punk has to work this carefully he can't go banging the married Diva's yet as he'll get fired and he needs to be at least mid card to get in Trish or Stacy so i think he will start off lower level and go for Lilian or Maria and then work his way through from there to the ultimate prize that is Stephanie Mcmahon which will give him the WWE title shot at WM23"

"All black mothers are NOT overweight with 'great personalities'."

"Even when I was heavily into WWE in the late 90s I always found Indy shows in general to be more fun that WWE shows. Having nothing to do with match quality or anything of that sort, just the whole interaction with the crowd and usually being able to converse with wrestlers after the show is pretty fun. The venues in general for Indy shows let you walk around unlike WWE where I kind of feel just confined to that arena seat."

"craziest thing i've done was partake in an all male threesome with an eskimo"

"The whole cybersex thing never made any sense to me. Seems kind of pathetic and desparate."

And there you have it. Words from YOUR marky little minds.

I have a huge week ahead of me so I'm going to turn in. Next week the Christmas Midnight News, where I do absolutely nothing different, except cover a bunch of stuff I wanted to cover tonight, but lost track of time. So I'll do it next week. Join me or get fucked... in the ass... by a fat guy. Those are your choices... and trust me, I can make it happen.



This is Hyatte