The Midnight News Hello Merkins. I'm Chris and this is the Midnight News. I'm dry as a bone this week. But I crapped out enough stuff to fill a column. Again.

Annnd... nah, that's it. Let's roll...


It's like the only story of the weekend... other than Kurt Angle's work/shoot/but mostly work variety of interviews...

TNA was all excited to FINALLY make it into New England for a nifty little house show...

Then the building they were going to... well, at first TNA said they had to move because of ALL THE WRESTLING-HUNGRY FANS IN CONNECTICUT WERE SO STARVING FOR RASSLIN' THAT THE BUILDING COULDN'T HOLD THEM ALL!! 

Then TNA admitted that the cops shut them down because they didn't pay-off the right Italians.

So they tried to move the show to another location not far away, and they ALMOST pulled it off but THAT show was cancelled because someone didn't get paid. And there was a crack in the Exit sign

SO they thought about moving the show to ANOTHER place, one REALLY far away... but decided that they wouldn't have enough time to do it properly... so they cancelled the whole thing...

Then Russo saw gold and decided to work this into something... so TNA filmed OUTRAGED fans chanting "Vince sucks" outside the building...

AND word got around that someone made a few quiet phonecalls to the right people and asked them to find a reason to fuck the show up.

THEN an Indy promoter, a guy named Gary Davis came online and said, "Well it wasn't ME! I'm an INDY promoter... I don't DO shifty stuff like that!" 

SO THEN... someone from the WWE's Legal Department rushed online and said, "Oh PLEASE... like we care!!" Then he rubbed his hands together and started cackling... how he did this online is amazing. 

FOLLOWED BY TNA Indy promoter Hermie Sadler piping up and saying, "Look, I don't know who or why or what, but things smell shifty here but on the lives of my inbred children TNA WILL come to Connecticut one day and you WILL get to see some rasslin' LIVE for once in your miserable yankee lives! Just as soon as it warms up, up there"

So no TNA show... Kurt Angle gets to live for another week...

What do I think? Well, you didn't ask but this ain't your column... it's mine, and you've read this far so you might as well finish...

-Yes, the WWE fucked them up.

-No, they didn't do it out of fear, they did it just because they could.

-Who is Gary Davis and can he please shut up.

-Seriously, who was even THINKING that it was him?

-What asshole names his son "Hermie"

-And when your name is Hermie, aren't you expected to screw things up?

-I thought Frank Goodman was the only promoter who forgets to pay-off the proper Italians.

-Is Sadler even Jewish?

-Isn't it sort of cool that the WWE can ruin a TNA show while they are on the other side of the world running a House tour?

-A TNA house show is STILL a House show... no one was going to kill themselves for you without PPV cameras flashing, kids. You didn't miss much.

Now speaking of big shows...


How about a little speculatory fun!

The good people of Detroit and surrounding warzones areas robbed enough liquor stores and scrounged up enough money to buy tickets to Wrestlemania 23 at Ford's Field. Even without a single match announced.

This is going to be a sell-out, no question, and it'll be a gigantic show, without a doubt... but what will they get?

Well, I don't make predictions, but if I COULD dream up a logical, practical, line-up... here's what I think they would head to...

1) Hogan vs the Big Show: This is a gimmee, unless, of course, The Big Show's back can't hold up... but Paul Wight's a smart guy and who WOULDN'T bite the bullet and work this match. This is the biggest payoff he'll ever get.

2) Undertaker vs Edge: They dabbled hints at us on this one, but I think they are still debating on whether to pull the trigger or not. I seem to recall Edge squawking about taking a year off when his contract runs out in January, but he's not dumb enough to miss this show. It's two undefeated WM vets going at it with 'Taker's streak now a proud part of his legacy. Plus 'Taker has two kinds of WM matches: The ones that are a featured selling point, (Kane, Nash, Flair, Orton) and the ones that are just made to give him a reason to be on the card, (Mark Henry, a tag team with Nathan Jones). Its time for a featured match. UT has been really, really good this late into his career, and Edge is good at making people better. Seems like a obvious choice.

3) Batista vs Chris Benoit: I think the WWE missed Benoit while he was away, he might get rewarded with a title match against Batista, since Benoit is real good at making people look good. 

4) John Cena vs DX: Now here they would LOVE to build an Orton/Cena title match, but this is the BIG 23 we're talking about. Orton vs Cena wouldn't be nearly as interesting as Cena vs HBK (definitely)... but Hunter has to get in there, of course, and... well... the last time they did a Three Way at WM involving HHH and HBK it worked out pretty damn good.

5) Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk. Ohhh, why not... assuming ECW is still around by then. 

6) Mickie James vs Melina. Its too early for Stratus to return... and you can sense a very slow build-up for Melina. Even Meltzer said she's a major star about to explode. If she really works on her mat skills, she'll make us forget about Trish.

7) Money in the Bank: Any number of candidates here: Sabu, BOTH Hardys, Nitro, MVP, Orton, Rey Mysterio... pretty much anyone on either brand's mid-card.

8) Mick Foley vs Vince McMahon: Well, he's been in every type of match already... why not show Vince get a good ol' fashioned Cactus Jack beating.

9) Lashley vs Monty Brown vs Booker T vs Finlay vs Steve Regal vs Ric Flair vs... you get my point... not every match has to be a dream line-up

10) Stone Cold vs.... hmm... this is a good place to give Austin his "One more match" match... the payoff will be enough. Thing is, who would he trust to protect him. Can't be someone lame like Coach either. Hmm... this might be a good spot for Orton! He's good at putting over old timers!

There you go. A nice ten match line-up. I'd order it! 


Well, from what I've been hearing, Missy Hyatt didn't take too kindly to my friendly advice about how to write a REAL column along with the many questions I offered to her... (which she answered NONE of them). Instead, she chilled out for a week, then came ROARING BACK with... err... a 4 short paragraph column, much of which was about a guy named Necro Butcher and how she can't WAIT to work with Frank Goodman... (isn't that, like, the opposite of the word comeback?)

Well, I'm all about site unity! So I'd like to show Missy something I wrote back in May of 2002, it was the first, and maybe ONLY book review of her autobiography... sort of. Just to show her that I AM capable of being nice! 

Speaking of Missy Hyatt: One of the great things about Bookstores these days is that they are so eager to get people reading that they now set up little cafes in the store and allow people to read books at their own leisure without even buying them... so the other week, I stopped by a local Borders and paged through Missy Hyatt's new book. While it certainly isn't anything I'd recommend buying, I have to say... it was a fun book to breeze through. Missy keeps things simple, doesn't offer up any life redeeming lectures at the end, and just gets out as many facts as she legally can. If you're bored one day, go down to a store and go through it.... guaranteed it'll take you less than an hour to pretty much absorb the whole she-bang (heh heh... irony) 

Here are some notable little bits in there: 

1) On the back cover there's a blurb from Kevin Nash: "I may be the only wrestler Missy HASN'T slept with!" Funny. 

2) She has nothing bad to say about Vince McMahon, except that he dresses funny. 

3) Ric Flair likes to show off his penis. 

4) Jason Hervey got some.... lots and lots of "some" 

5) Val Venis.... that porn star gimmick is just that, a GIMMICK. 

6) Dick Slater once beat the living shit out of Sting in the locker room.... and Sting took it like a prison BITCH. 

7) Her best line was to "Cowboy" Bill Watts (paraphrased slightly) "Hey Bill, I fu**ed your son and still made him do my laundry, how do you like THAT, Cowboy?" 

Light and frothy.... 

See? A POSITIVE review!! And HUNDREDS of my readers took my advice and RAN to their local bookstore and flipped through the pages! Oh they didn't BUY the damn thing... let's not go crazy here.

But Missy shouldn't be that upset... I mean, my God, she has a LOT of controversy posted online that people are wondering about. Baby... you've been doing some VERY INTERESTING THINGS over the years... you can't get mad when someone asks you about them!

For instance, back in August of 2002, a reader of mine, who was a subscriber to your wrestlingvixxens site, told me about your brief, but TORRID affair with... well, I'll just show it to you...

Hey Hyatte, 

For your reading pleasure here are some pearls of wisdom from Missy's mouth: 

The Ballad of Violent J and Missy. Two weeks ago Missy came on cam and started babbling about how wonderful Violent J was and how she was going to invite him down for the weekend so she could give him a blowjob on camera. After some discussion with the chat room it was established that J was the fat untalented one not the skinny untalented one of ICP. 

Well two days later Missy is back on cam but this time she is spewing venom towards our hefty rapper. Seems he decided to work a house show in Michigan for free rather then come down for his moment of fame. Missy basically spent an hour talking about what a loser J was and how shitty he was in bed. 

Fast forward a week. Missy is back on cam and this time she is back in love with J. It seems he wrote a little something on the ICP webpage where he talked about his relationship with Missy. She was particularly won over by his comments on how he used to masturbate to her when he was a kid (and who says Shakespeare is dead?). Violent J's ode to Missy seemed to have produced such dramatic effects that quite a few of us from the chat room decided to brave the ICP webpage and check it out. In essence the column boiled down to this. Missy was a good lay and "she got 60 minutes of dick time". Cough cough. But there was a bit more. You see while he devoted a paragraph or two to the joys of Missy there was page after page of J talking about how much he wanted to f*ck Tammy and how he would have f*cked her if Chris Candido wasn't around to kick his fat ass if got within two feet of her. 

So there you have it, next time you are really trying to win your girl's heart and affection tell her how great she is in bed... but how you really really want to f*ck her friend instead. 

And THEN, the guy sent me your responses to a warped little Q&A; chat you held.

Other soundbites and words of wisdom: In response to a question on whether or not Tammy is a crackwhore... "Tammy is not a crackwhore! She's too fat to be on crack." 

On whether or not Missy will do a lesbian photo shoot: "Well Tammy really wants to go down on me but I'm not that attracted to her, cuz she's fat." 

Missy and anal sex: "Ain't nothin going up my ass... that hurts, everytime I tried it it hurt. No up the butt for me... well wait... I guess it depends on who it is that wants to do it to me." 

Missy on Pat Patterson: "Well this is highly speculative but there are certain guys that got a push because they gave him a push. Ultimate Warrior. You know guys like that. Pat really really likes Jeff Hardy. But thats highly speculative." 

Missy on the late Eddie Gilbert: "I still miss Eddie." 

The reader mentioned that the comment on Eddie was "About the only reasonably classy thing I have heard Missy say in the two weeks I have been there." 

And that's only the tip of the iceberg as far as your antics over the years.

Again, I'm not being MEAN... I'm just saying... you have a column now with an audience... you have shit to SAY... you have an entire DECADE of shenanigans and stories to share! You seem to be a fun gal! Don't waste your time or ours (the readers) with tepid columns where EVERYONE is a jabronie and how awesome your site is. Get INTO it... have FUN... go NUTS.


I mean... you introduced your column with a pic of you wearing sexy lingerie and holding a gun and handcuffs for chrissakes...

And really... I am DYING to know who won that "Spend a Weekend in Reno with Missy Hyatt" contest from 5 years back, and what happened.

And what DOES crack taste like? I'm curious. 

And don't hate ME... I'm a sweetheart! Just ask April Hunter.


You may think I'm an asshole... you may think I'm a super-mark for myself... blah, blah, blah, bleh... well, I'm about to show you something...

Dave Scherer, on why he wouldn't be watching Cyber Sunday:

Every year in November, my wife picks a weekend that we go away to Delaware for a lovely two day shopping extravaganza. Given that I am not one that enjoys going through store after store and would prefer to spend my off time at the gym or watching a football game, I usually dread these trips. Not this year however. Nope, she picked this weekend for our annual mauling of the outlets and we are leaving Sunday morning, which means I won't be able to watch Cyber Sunday. More accurately, I won't HAVE to watch Cyber Sunday because believe me, that is how I feel about this show. By the end of Raw last night, I don't think it's possible for me to be any less excited about a PPV than I am for this one.

Did you catch the funny part? Lemme highlight:

Every year in November, my wife picks a weekend that we go away to Delaware for a lovely two day shopping extravaganza. Given that I am not one that enjoys going through store after store and would prefer to spend my off time at the gym or watching a football game, I usually dread these trips. Not this year however. Nope, she picked this weekend for our annual mauling of the outlets and we are leaving Sunday morning, which means I won't be able to watch Cyber Sunday. More accurately, I won't HAVE to watch Cyber Sunday because believe me, that is how I feel about this show. By the end of Raw last night, I don't think it's possible for me to be any less excited about a PPV than I am for this one.

Even when he's trying to make a point about how bad a PPV looks, he has to STILL toss in a line about what a gym rat he is... this is Dave thinking to himself, "Gee, it's been DAYS since I hinted at what a buffed out super-stud I am, I'll have to remind the lemmings by throwing an unnecessary plug for myself here!"

That in itself is enough evidence... but he wasn't through... not even CLOSE...

Later that day, during one of those PWInsider Q & A columns, someone asked the following:

You get hired as the head of WWE Creative for one day and are allowed to make any 5 changes you want to the current state of creative, these can be specific changes to one brand or wrestler or a broad change affecting the whole WWE product, and these 5 changes will stay in effect after you leave. What would you do?

Well first of all, I'll bet every last penny I have that Dave wrote that question himself. Who the hell CARES about HIS booking plans? When has HE exhibited any sort of creative intelligence?? 

So anyway, the question, obviously, has "Hooray! Another chance to put myself over" written all over it... so Dave puffs out his BUFFED chest and goes to work!

The first thing I would do is throw the "entertainment" aspect out the window. I would pay more attention to the second letter in WWE and much less to the third one. I would get rid of the obviously scripted angles and the "we don't see the camera" bits that they do backstage, which just insult people's intelligence. I would apply logic and continuity to everything that was written. I would also never just drop an angle or character and not explain what happened to the viewer because "I didn't feel like it", as Vince often does. I would treat the viewer with respect while I entertained them. 

As I mentioned above, I would also kill the completely scripted interviews and I would give the talent a chance to get over by showing their personality. I would get rid of "divas stripping just to strip" segments and use the women better. I would also give the fans some actual wrestling matches on Raw. And the most important thing I would do is go back long term booking plans by starting to book the year at next year's WrestleMania and work my way backwards. I would also slow down the angles so that they meant more and we given more time to build. 

With that said, you couldn't pay me to work for WWE creative as long as I had to report to the McMahons. I know I would never last because I speak up when I think something is being done the wrong way.

Did you see the funny part THERE? Here, I'll highlight it:

With that said, you couldn't pay me to work for WWE creative as long as I had to report to the McMahons. I know I would never last because I speak up when I think something is being done the wrong way.

The fucking guy... after a perfectly innocent, harmless response... (which is so GENERIC, by the way, that it only shows that he has NO real ideas. He didn't offer ANYTHING productive, just listed what he would eliminate, which is what ANYONE could do)... he HAD TO REMIND the readers that he is DAVE SCHERER.... TOUGH GUY... REBEL... BADASS... WHO WOULD SPIT IN MCMAHON'S FACE BEFORE KISSING UP TO HIM! 

Ohhh yes, my friends, your pal Dave is NOT a sell-out! No amount of money IN THE WORLD will make HIM bow down. Oh no, no way. He will FIGHT FOR WHAT'S RIGHT!! HE WILL RISE UP AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT! 

.... And of course, he had to make sure to add that in, even though it was completely unnecessary... and 100% bullshit too.

Kids, hate on me all you want. Call me the biggest mark online. What I've just shown you is the difference between what I do and what a REAL self-mark does. 

You think I'M a mark? Brotha'... I'm just a dope-ass amateur. Scherer is a god damn PROFESSIONAL.

I hope his face explodes one day.


Whenever we talk, I can always count on Flea to give his opinions on just about anything. 

So, I decided to grab a pen and paper and start jotting down his thoughts. Everyone likes Flea.

The following is 100% true... more or less:



If you hate America and want to leave, you'd be pretty stupid to go to Canada when Mexico is RIGHT THERE. And warm.

Flea: playing hard to want

Yeah! And I'm sure Mexican girls are much more honest. And loving. And caring. And they'll show you a little respect.


*Surgeons who operate with music playing perform better than those who do not.*

And just like that, you're smarter than you were three seconds ago

Hyatte LIVES to inform.

So, you fatties going in for that tummy ring, be sure you demand that they crank up the Foghat and crank it up LOUD!! SLOW RIIIIIDE.... TAKE IT EASYYYYY!!!


Since day one, Kevin Nash has been shat on by Internet marks everywhere. Well.... enough is ENOUGH! 

This isn't going to change a damn thing, but I'm doing it anyway. Someone has to point out the obvious, SOMEONE has to defend the big guy, SOMEONE has to show the WRESTLING WORLD that Kevin Nash... maybe the greediest, laziest, sneakiest wrestler who ever lived, deserves a HEARTY round of applause... not for thumbing his nose at those who actually WORKED in the ring, but for doing it and getting rich at the same time. He IS the American dream... all 7 feet of him. 

But is he better than YOU, John Q. Workrate? Bet'cha ASS he is... Why?

Kevin Nash Is Better Than You Because... 

He's one of the few people who could pull a five star match out of Shawn Michaels



Johnny Devine performed a Moonsault on someone. Kevin Nash, on commentary, said, "That's a move right out of my playbook" That's the highpoint.

Vince Russo has decided that Billy Gunn and Road Dog will be the frontrunners of the new WAR AGAINST THE WWE by naming themselves Voodoo Kin Mafia. Within two weeks, they'll be showing up at Raw events and within 3 week's they'll be driving a tank to Titan's Towers. Russo 1, Fresh ideas 0000000 This is the lowpoint.

I wonder if they'll show footage of fans at these WWE events which they'll be "invading" asking Jesse James, "So what have you been up to since you left WWE?" And will they show footage of Bad Ass Gunn being asked, "Didn't you go gay and marry that Palumbo guy?"

And I'm afraid that's all I have. I find its best to space out these Mop-Ups. Keeps the recycled jokes from looking too recycled.


Ah what the hell, a little bonus...

You know the drill, I jack around the web for a few hours and pull interesting, mostly topical quotes from various message boards and post them here for your perusement. It's what YOU fans, fans like YOU are talking about this week.

But I did something a LITTLE diff this time out. Now I went to three of the more... SERIOUS message boards... just three... the ones with SERIOUS fans talking SERIOUS wrestling...

Well... TWO boards and the Torch... which is NOT a board for heavy wrestling thinkers, no matter how hard Wade Keller tries to say otherwise. Trust me, I posted there for a year and a half. It's just regular assholes who either snipe at each other or post about how much they love one another.

And the other two are the Wrestling Classics board (where Dave Meltzer makes pretty frequent posts) and the Death Valley Driver board (where no one of note makes frequent posts, but at least they stay on topic.)

Anyway... here ya' go... 

"What idiot called Ivan Koloff a subpar worker?"

"Ashley is a 10 on the Fergie scale. She's fucking hideous."

"Joe turned down the WWE because Vince wanted to sign him ONLY so he could bury him to spite the internet. Meltzer heard about this and told Joe. Super-inside sources for this one, but I've seen it discussed elsewhere."

"WWE: Ruining celebrity marriages one at a time."

"I wouldn't worry about CM Punk too much, even if he gets pinned. I figure he's getting pinned in the elimination chamber anyhow. Remember last year, Bobby Lashley was undefeated and yet he was the very first guy eliminated in the main event. He's done just fine since then. And remember, as memorable as the Undertaker's debut was, he didn't survive the match."

"I dug the Hanna Barbarra style animation. I can only hope this means Vince's ass will be solving mysteries."

"I think Dixie took some Pittsburgh pipe."

"To me, Hart looks like the kind of guy you would see idling in his rusty Camaro outside of the local middle school. I could just never get into his whole greaseball in a pink outfit look. (Actually the WWF's production during this entire period was way too greasy-leather "gay porno" for me, and I could never stand watching any of it.)"

"I think the card is pretty cool, and I'm going to reserve judgement until after the PPV. I think it would be funny if MVP got "Red Roostered", eliminated after like a minute or so."

"I just watched Paul Heyman on ECW Tuesday night. He said he invited entrants from Raw and Smackdown to the Elimination Chamber match who "craved success like an insatiable prostitute." This confused me. Do insatiatable prostitutes crave success? Is success really what they're insatiatable for? What criteria do insatiable prostitutes use to measure success? Is it qualifying for the ECW Elimination Chamber at December To Dismember? Why would insatiable prostitutes care about that? Someone help me."

"Hey Nancy Reagan. Lemme tell you about a friend of mine. Was a medic in Nam. Got wounded. Came out of the VA hospital hooked on morphine. Started slamming coke to get off the morphine. Worked but he was slamming coke for the next 20 years. How's that for 'reality'? What's your 'common sense' got to say about that?"

"It's pro wrestling. If you can't separate their life from their performances, then you'll hate everyone. Jerry Lawler is a horrible human being but I still dig his rather awesome career as a pro wrestler."

"He said that to relate to the audience. Hookers, along with toilet cleaners & milk men, are a part of WWE's target audience."

"So this thread has nothing to do with Lou Thesz & Strangler Lewis?" 

"I just saw an ex coworker of mine listed on Craig's list as a hooker. Now I have a conversation starter for Monday morning." 

"WWE and DX are going to completely no-sell this, as they should. If they didn't react to Kurt Angle signing with TNA, why in the world would they react to anything the f**king James Gang does?" 

"I think LAX is one of the most edgy, cutting edge angles going in wrestling today. C'mon! The Mexicools riding out the ring on lawnmowers was far more offensive than anything LAX has done. And they are heels."

"The James Gang completely date the product. They have 1999 written all over them."

"Crazy old man Backlund is, IMO, one of the BEST gimmicks of all of the 90s. Played perfectly. I remember marking out for him as a kid, because he just seemed like a psycho who'd chickenwing the fuck out of anyone who looked at him funny."


"TNA needs Britney Spears shooting on K-Fed! Book it, Mr. Russo! RATINGS!~"

"The thought of God speaking through JBL is enough to make *me* start drinking and taking drugs." 

"How much control do average middle card wrestlers have over their destiny? I'm not talking the Hogan, Austin, Rock etc. type of performer but the middle or undercard type performers. Or are they completely at the mercy of a young soap opera writer who has never written for wrestling before. Just curious"

"Going to have to assume that Vince McMahon isn't going to blatantly violate the Sherman Anti-Trust act by paying venues not to run TNA shows. But, a few campaign contributions and some quiet calls to the building inspector might be plausible." 

"F*ck the WWE. No more Claudio in the independent scene sucks.I'm sick of having to be happy for wrestlers for making the big time.The WWE is a terrible company and Claudio will be restricted to some stupid gimmick and matches that aren't up to his standards.As a Chikara fan I can only hope that this isn't true."

"Yea F him,,,,,,and F the WWE where he can make 6 figures a year........and be known in a national market instead of to die hard indy fans.Man he's really hosed eh?"

"I can't believe wrestling fans on a message board are actually BITCHING about seeing a naked girl."

"Didn't they get rid of the 'E-C-F'n-W' shirts because of stockholders and advertisers? But then they make a cartoon dedicated to a 60-year-old man's ass and it put it on their website?"

"Sometimes WWE does something so retarded that it's genius. This is one of those times."

"money.... spent.... cartoon.... ass.... pumping..... iron.... must... watch... BJW........"

"Well Tully found out that the wrestling business is a lot harder than the preaching business. I've heard this saying nice to the people on the way're meeting them on the way down. Tully found out on his way out. From what I've heard and read about Tully, what JBL said isn't off the mark. Tully used drugs, cheated, lied and used religion as a money making tool. Good for JBL. Tully deserved to be put in his place."

"Maybe Tully soaped up JBL's ass back in the day?"

"What a dysfunctional place WWE is to work. And how does JBL keep from getting in trouble for all his shenanigans?"

"I know Tully Blanchard personally. He is one of the most down to Earth people you will ever meet in the world - not just the wrestling world. He has a true passion for people and their lives. I suggest next time Sir Bronte, I would suggest you know the facts before you post." 

"There seems to be a problem in WWE with the younger guys not listening to the veterans anyway. Michael Hayes, Jim Ross, and others have constantly mentioned how these younger guys don't listen, don't watch the matches, and play a lot of video games in the back. You'd think that a couple of people in their position would have the power to get that to stop. Hell, when Angle went to ECW, no one wanted to listen to his advice. And yeah, he might have been fragile and hopped up on painkillers, but he's one of the few people who understands how to put on a really good match within the context of WWE's punch/kick/clothesline style."

"WWE is usually the better choice unless you're a top tier indy guy (Joe, Daniels, AJ) or a former name (Raven) and can command 500$+ paydays with transportation and hotel included."

"I'd rather be Umaga in WWE right now than Joe in TNA."

"I wonder if Tully actually said the words, 'I quit'. Even with Magnum digging a huge splinter of wood in his forhead he never said those words. I wonder if JBL had him in a super wedgie and asked him if he quit and he just screamed, 'Yaaaaaa! Yaaaaaaaa!'" 

"Ciilized fool, I don't intend to debate you on any of these questions you posed. But it's NOT okay for people of any race to be 'racist'. I, as a white hetero male (the world's fastest growing minority ), am offended by things I see my race do that is definitely racist, but by the same token, I'm offended when people of other races do similiar things. And IMO, there's really no place for threatening to urinate on the American flag in a worked sport...and in any other situation actually. I mean, what's it going to prove? Other than you could **** on a symbol of the place that is providing you a decent life by providing you employment and the benefts that come with said employment. I would figure that is what would offend most "white folks" and MOST other Americans as well - Americans, who ,I would hope, can see the hypocrisy in lots of things that lots of people do." 

"Newsflash:Konnan is a character in the wrestling business It's his job to get any kind of heat doesn't matter if it's positve or negative as long as he gets a reaction."

"This finally may really be Hogans last big singles match at a WM. Better so send him off with Hulkamania running wild into eternity then doing a job. You wanna see the hero riding off into the sunset at the end of the movie. Dont believe me? Just ask any star trek fan how they felt after Kirk's lame kill off in Generations."

"I might sound markish with my statement, but in the last 25 years no North American wrestler has consistently entertained me more than Bret Hart. He's been involved in some memorable matches: tag team or singles. His whining and bitching over Montreal has knocked him down a few pegs in my book but I'm not taking anything away from his in-ring work. Overall I'm still a Bret Hart fan and have been ever since his Stampede days. Do I think he's the best ever that I've seen? No...Bockwinkel's got him beat by a whisker."

"Yeah some stupid angle by the James Gang is really going to setup a monday night war" 

"The paranoia of some people amazes me. Punk is in a WWE PPV main event (or at least high profile match), and somehow he's going to get buried? (Now if he was completely left off the PPV then, that'd be a push right?) Not that he'll ever be a huge star anyway, but to me this is a huge accomplishment for him. He can be the first guy eliminated and it's still a feather in his cap IMO."

"There is no one on the Raw roster who I want to watch more than Dusty. He can take all the paydays he wants."

"i only want to see this to see hogan's body break down trying to slam big show... obviously nobody is dumb enough to think of this as a good match...or any other hogan matches for that matter, but i can understand why they would do it. this match has happened a couple hundred times before, but lets watch the trainwreck of hogan's back breaking. hogan is the worst." 

"I for one never cared for Roddy Piper. Perhaps it's because of the whole Snuka incident. And the Kayfabe has never died for me."

"Another democrat. Get a life. This is a wrestling message board."

Yep, ANOTHER Democrat. Seems they are now coming back out from under the hole which they've ben hiding in.

Change is good and the GOP had 6 years to lead us into greatness. They ended up leading us into war and Osama is STILL free. Thus ends my half-assed outlook on the grand global political arena.

I'm done. Nothing to add. Well has run dry. 

Buggy boo, you half-wits.


This is Hyatte